Thursday, September 09, 2004

Evan's 1st Cath.

Evan's first heart catherization was on Sept. 9th 2004. We were so scared to hand Evan over but, the procedure didn't take very long. We got to the hospital at 7:00 that morning and around 9:00 they let us carry him to the cath. lab room and the nurses took him from there. We sat with a few family members and friends in the lobby. They told us they would correspond through the procedure by calling us on the phone in the lobby. Everytime that phone rang I would get really tense, (Is that my baby, is he okay???) I wouldn't answer it so, Eric got that job. It was probably 2 hours when they told us it was over and to come to the lab for the results. There was nothing that we hadn't already been told, kind of just a confirmation on everything for the doctors I suppose. Once we were able to see Evan he cried and cried and ended up making himself sick from crying and probably drinking a little to much too soon. We went home that evening and by the next morning you would have never known he had gone through that the day before.