Sunday, November 06, 2011

Caroline Jane & Fall Break

Evan is Star of the Week this week! We are so proud of him. Isn't that poster the cutest thing. He is so cute! I love that he picked his cardio as his hero! I hope he is always so proud of his heart story and continues to share it. I'm also glad he see's himself as a Tae Kwon Do, baseball, regular little boy as well. He is my sunshine.

Since Evan started preschool when he was 3 I've always sent notes in his lunchbox. In K someone made fun of it and Evan asked me to stop although he seemed very sad about it. After a few days of no notes Evan asked if I would start sending them again. I had also always sent him a damp napkin in a baggie as he always likes to clean his hands after lunch. We came up with a way to still send notes and not be so obvious about it. So everyday I write a little note and put a sticker on his napkin baggie. He saves them in a little pocket in his luncbox and he doesn't like for me to throw them away. I sneak them out when it gets really full. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I'm starting turkey stickers this week!

Great Wolf Lodge - Fall Break 2011

Great Wolf Lodge - Fall Break 2011

This is a very small kiddie coaster at Kings Island. Evan was scared of every ride there, including this one. He did want to ride it but you should have seen his face when it ended. He wasn't easily persuaded to ride anything else the rest of the day. Thankfully they had trick or treating with the Dinosaurs and he enjoyed that.

Kings Island - Fall Break 2011

Munc & Daddy had a great time riding crazy rides and coasters at Kings Island.

I was so happy when our friends called us last Sat. morning and said "It's Time!" Eric was already up getting ready to leave to beat the old ladies at the hair salon. I ran into the bathroom and scared him to death saying "It's time, it's time!" He went there to get their boys while I got ready and waited for Evan to wake up. We spent the next 24 hours waiting for their sweet sister to make her arrival. This was a break from the hospital at the park. The oldest told Evan he was the God brother. Evan had a hard time that evening. He is always fine with his buddy to come over but the little guy without his Mommy and needing Evan's Mommy to help him with things didn't go over too good. I had the talk "Evan you have got to quit acting like this and quit being selfish" probably 20 times. He remembers it much differently - the night both boys stayed and they all shared and went to bed on time. Rolling my eyes.

Introducing Caroline Jane (Jane is my middle name!) our dearest friends - the kind you consider family - who are with you for a nice night out or with kids running around like crazy while we paint walls in a nursery have another blessing added to their family. I'm loving spending baby time with this precious little sweetie.