Thursday, December 01, 2005

Results of Check Up

What a day. As most of you already know, yesterday Evan had a check up with his cardio Dr., Dr. McOmber. The results of yesterdays checkups were not as well as we would have hoped. The artery that has been an issue ever since Evan's last surgery is still narrowed, as we have known. Dr. McOmber was hoping that this artery would begin to grow as the other arteries have and was trying to give it a chance to do so on its own and had informed us in the past that they would give it about a year and then if it hadn't grown had hoped they could go through a heart catherization and open it with balloon angioplasty. After yesterdays echo Dr. McOmber he said the part of the artery that is narrowed is longer than expected and that he didn't feel that it could be done in the cath lab. They are meeting today with the heart board to go over yesterdays echo and will be calling with their findings sometime today or Monday. Dr. McOmber told us that he expected they would schedule a heart catherization to be done in February and that if the part of the artery that was narrowed was short enough they would go ahead and balloon angioplasty it open and if it was as long as expected they would then schedule another open heart surgery for around March. This news was devestating but, we know that in order to keep Evan in good health it is required. Dr. McOmber reassured us that if it went to surgery that it was not as complicated as the first one and that although they would have to go in through chest they would not have to open the heart to widen this artery but, that the surgery would be long because of scar tissue. Please join us in praying that it does not go beyond the cath lab and that God will continue to work miracles in Evan's life. Thanks for all of your support and prayers and we will keep everyone informed.