Saturday, May 31, 2008

He's Brave

I cannot tell you how proud this Mama is of my little Braveheart... I have had several talks with him this past week about how we go have this scan every year and that it is time again for it. He definately remembers it and remembers how the worst part is the Versed they shoot up his nose to calm him down before the IV and sedation. I told him that Dr. McOmber said that since he is so Brave, that he could do it without the yucky nose medicine but that he still would have to have 1 shot or IV but after that all he would have to do is stay still for the pictures and then we could do whatever we wanted the rest of the day instead of spending it trying to come off sedation. The first time we talked he cried but was sure he did not want any yucky Versed. He brought it up almost everyday and seemed to be handling it well. Thursday night Evan could not sleep and was complaining with his ear and started running a fever. We were up most the night and Fri. morning I was sure they would probably cancel the scan. His fever was so low we went ahead and took him. At Kosair they said that since he wasn't going to be sedated and his fever was so low they could go ahead with the scan. They looked at his veins to see if he could just receive the shot of nuclear med's but couldn't find a could enough vein to take it so they sent him for an IV. Let me tell you.... out of 4 nurses, 2 parents and 1 child - there was not a dry eye in the tiny room. As soon as they started looking for a vein he started saying, "I'm Brave... I'm Brave... I'm Brave...." After digging for a while, Evan looked over at the nurse that was giving the IV and said, "I'm Brave but, can I cry?" We all assured him that even Brave boys cry and continued through tears to let everyone know he was determined to be Brave. When she (finally) got the IV everyone cheered, included Evan - did high fives, hugs. At one point during the celebration a Dr. walked by the room and asked how many nurses it took and we all through tears laughed and told the Dr. that we were celebrating one Brave little boy. Evan walked with us back over to Nuclear Med. and talked the nurse, Monika's head off. She asked him to climb up on the table and she gave his straw (IV) a drink and then asked him to please lay still and not move and started Scooby Doo for him. Evan layed there and talked through the 15 min. scan without one complaint or movement. Once done with the scan we headed over to his pedi. since he was running a low temp. and he has an ear infection so we started antibiotics. He told all his pedi. Dr. friends about his bravery and they insured us a trip to the Zoo would be just fine to celebrate so, off we went. We had a beautiful day and enjoyed having the 3 of us together strolling through the zoo when normally we would still be at the hospital waking up from sedation. I actually stopped at the Immediate Care on the way home as I wasn't feeling so great and was given a shot and 2 med's for diagnosis of - horrible crazy allergies, sinus infection & broncitis, nothing like living in the Ohio Valley to keep a person with horrible crazy allergies sick.

Pic's are of Evan just outside the hospital in a log playhouse and then at the zoo. We will probably know the results of the scan on Monday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Day of Pre-School & Vent Scan #4

I can't believe it, Evan's last day of his 1st year of preschool has come. I don't think he understands that he won't be going back for several months and that when he does he will not be in Ms. Tracy's class. I've told him this information but, I know he would be more upset if he really understood. He does get a sad look on his face when I told him this morning that this was his last day. Crazy for the kid who cried everyday the first couple of weeks. He never did make it through nap time, although I guess we didn't try, it just worked out for Mamaw to pick him up everyday right at naptime so maybe we'll try again next year. I wish I could slow down time and I'm glad he has 1 more year of preschool before kindegarden. I'm sure I'll be asked a kazillion times this summer if it is a school day, when do I go to school and I miss Ms. Tracy. Ms. Tracy - if you followed the link and miss Evan terribly during the summer give me a call, I'm sure my Mom would welcome the day off, LOL!

Next Friday Evan will be enduring his 4th Ventilation Profusion Scan at Kosair. For us this is a yearly deal due to that pesky narrowed left pulmonary artery. I hate having the test done, I hate waiting for the results and I hate when the results say we need a cath (which so far has been everytime.) There I got that out. Before Evan had a stent implementation in '06, the 1st Vent. Scan showed 85% pressure going to the right and 15% going to the left, after the stent it was R-71% & L-29%. Last Mar. it was R-76% and L-24%. They did another cath. last Apr. and decided that they would keep an eye on it but that Evan would definately need a conduit/valve replacement in the future but when in the future is unknown, even saying if we could wait until he was 10-12 he might be big enough for an adult size. Join us in prayer that the Doctors make the right decisions on when is the right time. For me... I pray the the %'s haven't changed much since last year and that a cath. isn't needed. Also pray for Evan, the hospital called today and b/c of his age and his cooperativeness the last few visits they would like to do the scan with no sedation. The less he is sedated the better but, I'm not sure he can handle the shot or IV of radioactive dye and not need sedation. Please pray for a wonderful nurse that gets him on the first stick and for us to be able to calm him (bribe him) into staying still on the table for the scan. I have a new webkinz on hand from his favorite girl, Olivia and a promised trip to the zoo up my sleeve for that day, any other suggestions.

Enjoy pic's of Evan's last day at school - one with the director who will be retiring and the other with his teacher.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm too old for Slumber Parties & Mother's Day

My BFF at work, Angie has 2 daughters and a little boy. Her little boy, Robert, is one of Evan's friends and they get to spend time together in the summer playing T-Ball and sometimes going to the zoo, swimming lessons and such. Evan likes Robert but, Evan (see his birthday pic's) LOVES Robert's sisters who are 10 and 13. We constantly have to tell Evan that he is NOT Olivia or Kristen's boyfriend and needs to leave them alone - he is always saying he wants to kiss them or take them on a date, oiy I have a ladies man on my hands. He even worries about his hair and clothes if he thinks he is going to get a chance to see them. They are very pretty girls and boy would I be lucky if it did work out but, I think he will run them off chasing after them! Angie's oldest daughter, Kristen, was turning 13 this weekend and Angie had decided to throw her a very special hotel/indoor waterpark birthday party and asked me to help her chapherone the party Sat. night. I was so happy to get a chance to do girly things and hang out with one of my BFF's for the evening. I think we had more fun than they did - we probably went down the waterslides 20 times! After the girls got over that we were NOT letting them run around the hotel or the lobby chasing after some *hot* guys they saw at the waterpark, they had fun too - all the way up to 4:30am Sun. morning, LOL!!! We didn't dare go to sleep before they did in fear of shaving cream. Thanks for sharing the fun Angie, Kristen and Olivia!!!

Evan and Eric picked me up Sun. morning and treated me to my favorite breakfast at Cracker Barrel - brought me the most beautiful bouquet that Evan made at school out of tissue paper and markers and the sweetest cards - toughie me even cried. We went home and took a lovely (and much needed) afternoon nap. My brother and his family treated me, my Mom and my brother's SIL and her family to a delicious dinner at their house where I was spoiled with Barbara Walters book, a pair of the most comfy socks, a bookmark and dark chocolate!!!

What was most special -

That I have the Best Mom in the World who taught me everything I know and whom I consider my very Best Friend - Mom, I Love You!!!

That when I look at Evan I know that I'm so lucky God chose me to be his Mommy.... I Love him with everything I am - even when he jumps off the chair into my Mom's curio and breaks the glass out - thank God he didn't get a scratch.

That I have a husband that let's me go spend a fun night with friends and makes Evan feel special having a guy's night so I don't worry about him missing me (too much) and who let's me know how much he appreciates me. Evan has been seeing Dominoes commercials and kept wanting some - I'm more of a Little Ceasars pizza kind of girl so on guys night they had Dominoes and went and saw the puppies!

Thanks for treating me and Mom to dinner Munc and family - you always know how to spoil us girls!

Friday, May 09, 2008

House on the market, Puppies and Kidney Stones, oh my!

That's what has been going on in our world the last few weeks. After 45 days of working with the couple that had a contract on our house and doing EVERYTHING they asked, they asked to be let out of the contract, ARGH!!! I know God has a perfect plan for us and although I do not know what that plan is or where he wants us, I'm praying and trusting his will. Our house is back on the market.

During my 'bout with strep throat the Dr. was concerned that my kidney had taken a hit due to the lack of fluids I had before finally getting to the Dr. Two weeks after I got over strep, I started having some lower abdominal pain which I passed off as regular monthly cramps. Days later and nothing else to blame the pains on I went back to the Dr. who did a few tests. The first was a pregnancy test and funny story, the Dr. came back in getting ready to do a full exam and asked the nurse if she had checked the results of the prego test and she said no. He said something else but, I didn't hear him. She came back in the room and said, yes it is. I about jumped off the table and said, "WHAT????" She replied, "what, it's negative, Dr. asked me before I walked out if it was negative and when I came back, I said, Yes it is." LOL.... I'm going to pay her back for that. The conclusion was that I needed further testing due to my families history of severe kidney stones. I have never had them. I went to the hospital on Monday and got a call later that I have several on the left and even MORE on the right, ARGH!! I go to the Urologist on Monday to decide if I need laser or if they can be passed, which I doubt since it has already been like 3 weeks.

With all that has been going on with me I feel I'm in the Refiner's fire but, I'm learning so much. Maybe this was the point of it all. That, I'm not the one in control of everything and definately not the best to be given that job. I'm learning Lord.... I want things to let up but, maybe he is not finished with me yet. Thankfully I'm still laughing at myself so that is a good thing! My husband says that these stones have given me attitude and I know everyone that knows me personally would agree that I'm usually a kind and quiet girl not this dramatic sarcastic girl I've been lately, LOL!

I'm posting pictures of Evan's Granny & Papaw Harry's new puppies - aren't they cute?

Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!