Friday, August 25, 2006

Warning... This is about poop!

This past week or two Evan has been so animated about going to the bathroom. He has been potty trained since late May and has always been like his father and I, very private about going #2, always tells us to "go away" and we know what that means and when he is done he will holler for us to come back. This is the way it has always been. Then about a week or so ago Evan has this fascination with it. He still tells you to "go away" but calls you back many times to have you see his progress and if you happen to walk past the bathroom while he is going you will find him bent over staring down in the bowl. The other day when we got home he told me he had to go poop so we got to the bathroom and he said "go away" so I went to the living room to catch the news and this is the converation we had; Evan yells "Mommy, they are popping out, come look" mommy says "Evan, I don't want to see just let me know when your done" "Mommy come look", mommy goes into the bathroom and says "Evan, your doing a good job, let me know when your done" and goes back into the living room and then Evan "Mommy, you've got to come look, there's a family of poops in here." I cracked up, I could not help myself, a family of poops? He does not get this from his father or I, we are both private about what happens in the restroom but, not Evan he wants everyone to know. I have a good friend who has always had a good sense of humor about poop with her little girl and somehow, though we are not related and Evan has only spent a few hours in her company, Evan has gained her sense of humor about it. This post is for you Beth!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's Friday!

Thanks Munc for posting the results for me Wednesday! We are switching internet companies and cancelled the old one before the new one was up and running, oops! Evan did great at the appointment on Wed., he just loves Dr. McOmber and sat there so big. He usually wants Mommy or Daddy to hold him while Dr. McOmber does the echo but, nooo, this time he wanted to sit all by himself! I was expecting better results than we got, had a % in mind that I thought was a good one (65%-right, 35%-left) so when he said oh great, the results were 71%-right and 29%-left, my heart sank. Then he said, "What's wrong, I'm totally happy with that, we doubled the amount of pressure that was going to the left side, that's great." So, he's the doctor and if he is happy with this than so am I. I love Evan's cardio and the entire office, they are just a great group of people and always are so nice and I really appreciate that. They signed up with our team and are walking with us at the heartwalk, they did last year to, see wonderful people. Thanks again for all your support and prayers for last Friday and this Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vent. Scan Results

Evan had his followup for vent scan results today. The results are: pressures to the right are 71%, and pressures to the left 29%. The doctor was very pleased with the results, as the stent has doubled the pressure to the left side. The gradient pressures were 68% on the right, 32% to the left. His heart function was good . They want to do another followup in November. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

We are home

We are home and Evan is sleeping. It took 4 sticks this morning to get an IV, up until then Evan had been handling things really well. Because he is on Digoxin they were not able to use the same sleep medicine called Dex which worked really nicely last time but Dex. mixed with Digoxin they said could cause heart failure. They used Versed and Nembutal. They were not able to give him the Nembutal until we got to the nuclear medicine dept. for some reason and there was another baby in there just screaming so Evan fought the med's really hard and that is always upsetting to see. Once they had him to sleep the test only took about 20 min. As soon as Evan woke up they told us to start giving him Coke because Nembutal causes bad headaches and caffiene helps. He was pretty upset that his head was hurting but once we got down the road a ways he calmed down and fell asleep and seems to be resting nicely now. They said the headaches could last all day so, I'm going to rest a bit too, it could be a long night! Thanks for all your prayers, we really appreciate it! Will update when we get the results, could be Wednesday before we get them.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Scan is this Friday

Please pray for Evan this Friday as he will be having the Ventilation Profusion Scan early Friday morning to measure the pressures between the left and right sides of his heart. This is outpatient and although they put him to sleep for this, as soon as he wakes up after the scan we will be able to go home. This is the same scan they did before his cath. in April when the pressures were 85% to the right and 15% to the left. The doctors are testing this again to be sure that the stent is working and making the pressures more 50-50. I will post Fri. evening and let everyone know how it went however; I'm sure I will not know the results until the cardio visit next Wed.
I often blog about the trials and tribulations of being a mom but today I wanted to post just a few of the reasons why this little boy has me wrapped around his finger. I wish I could tape him and play it for you so you could hear his sweet little voice when he says, "Mommy, I love you soooo much", or "Pwweease". The way that asks for you to lay down with him so he can run his fingers through your hair while falling asleep. The way that he whispers in his monitor, "Mommy, Daddy, I'm awake." That he asks his daddy 100 times is it dark yet so that they can go outside and see the moon and wish on the stars and that every night he wishes for a sucker. The way he runs to the front door when I leave my mom's for work and waves and blows kisses. To hear him sing Row, Row, Row your boat, "Nerrily, Nerrily, Nerrily, Nerrily." The way your heart breaks when you enter the parking garage at Kosair Childrens Hospital and Evan begins to cry because he knows that the only time we go in a parking garage is there and he knows he is getting ready to get hurt. The way he use to tell the nurses "Last one please" and "Thank You" when getting his RSV shots. The way he believes his bear is real and talks to him, "Bear, you want to play trains, you do, okay!" That we have listened to "He's My Son" so much that Evan knows the words and sweetly sings along and that if he notices tears in my eyes he will ask, "Mommy are you happy" and kisses you until your smiling. The way he reminds me to say prayers at bedtime and remembers those he loves and thanks God for them. He is such a blessing and Mommy and Daddy are totally wrapped around his chubby little fingers!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


My mom called yesterday after I got to work and asked if I had noticed the welps on Evan's back and I hadn't noticed any that morning. About an hour later she called again and said they were spreading and getting worse and I began to panic. I called the pedi. office which I seem to be bothering a lot this week, as last Fri. he ran a fever and I took him in and it was a cold and then again yesterday for the rash. They were surprised to see us again so soon since we haven't been there since the end of the RSV shots in April and now we are there twice within one week! They made us go through the contagious diseases entrance and we were ushered to a back room. Come to find out it is hives, an allergic reaction to "something" and upon examining him and everything he had eaten and done all weekend we cannot find anything that he hasn't done or eaten before. After 3 doses of benedryl every four hours the hives are almost gone. Evan didn't act like it bothered him at all! Hope everyone else is enduring this heat!!!