Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time flies...

Has it really been this long??? Christmas is over and Evan's elf Jingle has gone home. I really should make a slide show on here of all Jingle's antics. It was so much fun to have him around this year. I failed to mention in the update on Mommy post that I've been sick... a lot. Strep throat seems to be my sickness of choice and I had it 5 times in the last year. I'm praying for a healthier 2011. Evan is doing great though! At his cardio appointment the week of Christmas his cardio said his heart looks wonderful... the pressure was for the first time ever in the moderate range (on a level of 1-50 he was at 14). I left that appointment with thankful tears. We get to go 3 months... oh my goodness... I don't know if I can do it. We have never gone so long without seeing the cardio! Evan has got a passion for skating these days. We went a few times before his surgery and when we were cleared for such activities have started going again. He got skates from Mamaw and Papaw for Christmas and we have been getting a lot of use out of them in our basement and at the skating rink. We have planned Evan's 7th birthday party there. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? My baby is turning 7?!? I can't. He lost his first tooth on New Year's Eve. He was eating a breadstick at our friends house and ran to me with it in his hand saying "MY TOOTH, MY TOOTH!!!" I got it and grabbed a napkin and put it on the napking while grabbing another napkin for him to put on his bleeding gums and everyone said "OH NO!". They said I had knocked the tooth off the napkin when trying to retreive another napkin and Evan's little friend claimed he saw the dog run over and get it. The dog did run over during all the commotion. We looked and looked for that tooth. I felt so horrible... what Mom looses her baby's first lost tooth??? I do I guess. Anyway... after looking forever we decided Evan's little friend was right, their dog had eaten the tooth. The tooth fairy brings extra $$ for teeth that your parents lose, did you know that? Other news is that we are tired of the freakin snow!!! It's fun - we have a great sledding hill and have had many sled rides and friends over but, I'm done. January is not even over yet, sigh. So that's what is up with us. Oh and I'm trying to cook more and it's not going well.

Another fun day of sledding!

NYE 2010 AKA - the night Mommy lost Evan's tooth