Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Pic's

See below pictures of Evan's little Sunday School class singing "This Little Light of Mine." What sweethearts! Evan did sing but, only when they placed the microphone in front of him and the rest of the time he stuck his tongue out!

We decorated our house on Sunday and Evan loved helping ; ) he hang all of the ornaments that he got out of the box on the same limb ; 0 I tried moving them when he wasn't looking but he knew and he would say, "Mommy that one was mine and I want it here!"


We were on the holiday run all last week so this has been my first chance to do a Thankful post. I'm known in my family for being full of drama and a bit of a complainer - hey, I'm being honest here. Although this is probably true, there are many times after the drama ends and the complaints are voiced that I sit back and see how truly blessed I am. Several topics come to mind that I'm thankful for this year. First of all is my faith in Jesus Christ - I know that I would not have made it through the last few years without my faith in him. I have failed him more often than I care to admit here but I'm thankful for his saving grace and like I said when the complaints are voiced I often turn to prayer and am reminded that there is so so much to be thankful for. Evan - I'm so thankful for my beautiful little boy. He smiles, his hugs, his smooches, everything about having him in my life has made me a better person. Just last night I told him this Friday I would take him to see Santa Clause and he started naming off everything he would tell him he wanted and then he turned to me and said, "Mommy, I'll tell him you want that new vacuum cleaner (Dyson)" I was so touched that he remembered me saying something about that. He can certainly be a handful but a sweetie too! Two Sunday's ago his Sunday School class sang "This Little Light of Mine" in the service and tears filled my eyes seeing our little miracle up there singing away with all the other kids - what a gift he is! It has been a hard few years for my husband and I as far as our relationship goes - I'm so thankful that we stuck together and made it through such a hard time in our lives and that we never gave up. We were always the couple everyone envied and when we started our CHD journey with our only child we lost sight of each other and I'm thankful we found it again. I'm thankful for many other things but the last I'll go into detail here is I'm so very thankful for my Mom. My Mom without many complaints, keeps Evan everyday so I can work and help Eric provide a home and insurance for our family. This has been such a blessing to us to know that he is cared for by someone we trust completely just minutes from my work. He loves being with his Mamaw, Thank you Mom.
Hoping all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blogger is being a pain - so I'll have to post some new pic's later.

P.S. Becky - I'm so sorry we were unable to get together while you were in town - my parents decided to have their Thanksgiving on Fri. so we were there all day and then we had family members that came in from out of town Sat. for a surprise b-day party for an Aunt. I hope you all had a great time visiting with your family and a safe trip home.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good News

Just got home from our appt. with Evan's cardio, Dr. McOmber. He said that everything looked great on all reports (EKG, echo and listening)! He also told us that because Evan's heart looks so good that we can quit the Digoxin and Aspirin - don't know quite what to think about this yet as we have been on both for so long, especially the Digoxin - since Evan's surgery 2 years ago he has been on the Digoxin all but one month (they quit the Dig. at one year post op and then our very next appt. is when that pesky pulmonary artery showed narrowness so they put him back on it.) I did mention the out of breath and Dr. McOmber said that again, Evan's heart looked wonderful and that he would mention it to the pedi. just in case it had to do with possible allergies/asthma. They did send him home with his yearly holter - fun, fun. He said we had to get at least six hours of recording to not have to do it again so I'm praying that he will leave it alone at least until morning! Enjoy the pic's from our Huber's Orchard trip and some pic's of Evan and his beloved cardio, Dr. McOmber.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cardio Appt. this Thur.

I've been busy the past few day's with Eric gone, trying to keep Evan entertained when he is bored of me and wants his daddy! I took the day off yesterday and took him to Huber's Orchard and we did all kinds of fun stuff even though it was crazy cold up there. I'll update pic's from that when I get home tonight. It was kinda sad, Evan wanted to throw a penny into the wishing well and wished for his daddy to come home. He is so not use to not seeing both of us everyday and Eric has been gone since last Fri. I'm so thankful my mom has stayed with us and kept us company! I'm sure she's ready to be rid of us!!! A fellow heart friend had his 3rd b-day party last Sun. and Evan had a blast, they had the Tumblebus come and stay for an hour - (Tumblebus is a school bus that has been gutted and has a springy floor, slide, trampoline, monkey bars and just lots of fun stuff inside) - Happy Birthday Lucas!!! Evan has a cardio. appt. this Thur. and I'm anxious to see how things are going - things on the outside appear to be going great other than some out of breath moments when he is really playing hard ~ any other heart parents kids have this symptom - Evan has always gotten out of breath when he is really jumping and running around and they have said before that he might have asthma but I've also heard that is a sign of the pulmonary artery narrowing (which was stented last April) and not enough blood going to the lungs and that this could be serious so I'm definately going to bring it up at his cardio appt. They had said that he might come off of Digioxin and aspirin if things looked good at this appt. so I'm looking at the Dig. bottle this morning and thinking we don't have enough to last until Thur. - might have to buy another bottle even though we might be done with it. It might snow this Thur., I can't believe it! Evan thinks if it snows that it means Santa is coming!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Make Believe Friends

Just had to do a quick post and say that Evan came into the office tonight while I was investigating Judge candidates for the election tomorrow and told me that, "OG and OV are in the hall and we need to go talk to them," I asked him who is OG and OV and he said they were his friends and asked if he could call them so I handed him a phone and he said, "Hi OG are you here" then asked me, "Mommy do you see them?" I'm thinking ummmmm..... no and then he asked if he could make a card for them. After coloring a nice card he told me that him and OG were ready for a bath!!! Where is this coming from??? Anyway, just had to make a quick note of this, I've got to go give OG and Evan a bath!!!
Sorry so much silence this past week or so and for no pictures from our celebration for Evan's 2 year post-op. It rained so hard that I thought I was going to have to turn around and go home and ruin my diet by Evan and I eating all those cupcakes myself!!! It was all I could do to grab the container of cupcakes and Evan and run in the doctors office - we still got soaked!! Besides, Evan's beloved cardio - Dr. McOmber was busy with a patient and we weren't even able to see him so we visited with the nurses and then went on to the pedi. to drop their treats off. When I got to the pedi. the nurse said, "Oh, hi I was just getting ready to call you b/c we finally got the flu shot in for Evan's age and weight group - do you want to do it while your here?" I had been waiting for that to arrive and didn't want them to run out and Evan not get it so I agreed. When Evan found out we were staying there for a reason other than delivering treats he was soooo upset. He kept crying and crying and saying, "Mommy you said we were delivering treats - no shots!!!!" I'm sure when all was said and done that everyone at that office was glad to see us go and I was glad to go! It was fun but I could have done without the rain and the flu shot! We have a busy week coming up - Daddy and Papaw leave for their yearly hunting trip this Fri. and will be gone for a week! Mamaw and I will be staying together and enjoying some shopping, Evan willing, and not cooking! I look forward to this time I get to spend with my mom but it always makes me realize how much I depend on Eric, I'm going to miss him. Evan's checkup with the cardio is on the 16th of this month so pray that things are still going well and that he can possibly come off of Aspirin and Digoxin. His little legs are so bruised from jumping around and just playing rough he is all boy, he bruises so easily!