Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dance Marathon & my "crazy" kid

Team Brave Hearts just finished their 1st fundraising drive since we joined with Kosair Children's Hospital Foundation. The final totals haven't been tallied yet but, I feel really good about the work we are doing here locally. The University of Louisville held their yearly fundraiser for the hospital - the Dance Marathon. They did a wonderful job raising money and we were glad to be invited to be a part of it. Our oldest Brave Heart is a freshman at UofL so, it was neat to see her with her school friends, heart friends and family - raising awareness. We are so proud of her. Go Team Brave Hearts!
We are gearing up for baseball season. We have been playing catch and going to the batting cage. Evan is really good at batting - such a strong stout thing. He is excited about the upcoming season. We rewarded him and a friend to pick something else to do after the last batting cage practice and Evan picked go carts. We have done this before - with me or Eric driving. I couldn't believe it when we walked up and they asked if he wanted to drive - WHAT?!? Age 7 and 48 inches can drive the slower go carts. Oh my goodness, are you serious? Anyhoo... I talked him into letting me drive the 2 mile track and then he could decide if he wanted to drive. The whole way around he kept saying - how do we get back??? I would tell him you just keep following the road. I was sure he wouldn't want to do it himself. When we pulled into our spot he jumped out and said... okay which one do I drive? He buckled in and off he went. I watched him, holding my breath and then about a mile into it I saw him stop. I got the guy and said - he stopped... he is going to be freaking out and screaming... hurry and go get him. The guy jumped on a golf cart and headed Evan's way. I kept thinking, I should have told him not to get out, I can just see him getting out and running across the lanes to get back. The guy came back and said - he's fine and laughing - he ran off and got stuck in the mud. Sigh. When Evan got back he was like, that was fun!
We have started Awana's a few months back and is loving it. He had a friend going there already so he wasn't very nervous about us leaving him there. It's funny... now everyone call's him "Lucas' crazy friend." Again... sigh.
Today is picture day at school. Last Friday night while I was at a 31 party, Eric and Evan were in the garage working on a pinewood derby car - or I guess Eric was - Evan was skateboarding. Evan has this little plastic basketball goal that is still in the garage even though he is way too big for it. He skatboarded right under it and the rim of the basketball goal caught him and scratched up his eyelid pretty bad. A few nights ago I was getting him out of the tub and talking about school pictures and how handsome he was and I looked down and started laughing. I told him I guess we won't forget your skateboarding accident since your pictures will have your scratched eyelid in them! Since then he has been talking about the faces he is going to make in his pictures today, can't wait to get these back, lol. He went from winking that eye to opening his eyes real big like he was scared... He is such a mess!

With our oldest Brave Heart

Writing notes to kids in the hospital

The "boys" in front of the Kosair balloon

Way to go ULDM!