Thursday, June 18, 2009

Appointment Update

The cardio appt. was neither good or bad but rather status quo. Nothing has changed since our appt. last month. His weight is the same, his height, his echo, the pressures, etc. are all the same. Cardio said he was encouraged by this. We are to continue once a month appt.'s until there is change. When pressures do change we will be headed to the cath lab and possibly another surgery. So we will have to adjust to this new normal for us. We love our cardio although we wish we weren't seeing him monthly. It is scary for me to know we will be waiting month to month to see if things change. The unknown is what always puts me on edge but, I have to get better at this. He said to go ahead and make our plans for Disney in Oct. but that to explain to them that there is a possiblity that we will be cancelling because of open heart surgery. That's hard to hear but have to remember that we are lucky that it is only a possiblity. He said Evan's heart looks awesome and show's no signs of the high pressures from this narrowed artery.
Something funny... our cardio (and his staff) always get a kick out of Evan and his long winded stories. He asked him if he was getting excited about starting Kindergarten. Evan replied, "yes and I plan on getting into lots of trouble." They all laughed. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Survivor night at the Bats

Last night the American Heart Association had survivor night at the Bats baseball game. Evan and his buddies were invited to attend and one of our little guys got to throw the 1st pitch and another got to run the bases with the mascot. It was fun and didn't rain too much.
I love the picture they got of Evan laughing!
Please say a prayer for the appointment we have this Thur. with Evan's cardio.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kosair Night at the Bats game

Thought this picture too cute not to share! This is Evan and his 2 heart buddies at the Bat's game this past Sat. night. It was Kosair Childrens Hospital night and the boys were invited as guests. I as a Mommy am so thankful for these two boys and the bond Evan shares with them. I think it is awesome that they have each other. The Mommy's of these boys are not only 2 of my best friends but a support system that I depend on and appreciate. We Love you guys!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Fun weekend w/ friends

We have been busy, keeping everyday special ; )
We had a Mommy's night with my girlfriends and our boys at the Bats baseball game. I'm not sure how much they were into the game but, they loved the cotton candy. We had a cookout at a friends yesterday - check out the crazy fun slide pool he has! We had a great time - as we always do with our friends. The boys were so funny. They kept doing tricks on the slides and would ask each other, "was that cool?" Evan's team made the tournament for baseball so we have a couple more weeks of that to go. He starts swimming lessons tonight so we will be busy with that the next 5 weeks. Evan got invited to VBS with a friend at their school this week. He was a little anxious to go since he had never been before. I keep waiting for a call saying he is upset but, so far so good. Next week is our VBS. He is going to be worn out! Next Thur. is our follow up with the cardio so we are anxiously awaiting that. Say a prayer! Thanks for checking in and hope all of you are well and enjoying the summer!