Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Excited Christmas

Evan was so much fun Christmas morning! I didn't expect him not to be but, WOW, he was sooo excited. He woke up at 5:20 and came to our room and asked if he could get up and I said no, not yet, lay back down. Less than a minute later the light in the hall flips on and who is it you ask, my 43 yr. old brother. He poked his head in our room and said, "can we get up?" Of course Evan chimed in, can we, can we? I told Evan he had to go potty so Eric would have a chance to get the camera and Evan kept yelling while he was in there, "Munc, did Santa come, did he?" It was so cute! Munc (Evan's nickname for my brother, Uncle Michael) has spent Christmas with us the last few years so he can share in the excitement a little one brings and we love having him with us. I think next year there will be rules though - Munc can NOT wake up before at least 6:30. He always use to wake me up, I'm sure I should not expect anything but an early rise.

Update on my last post is that my lab work came back and I'm not anemic - actually my B12 levels are unusually high - normal 200-900, mine - 2000. Hmmm..... They are sending me to a neurologist to see if he has an idea why my feet are still numb. I'm doing fine though, it is just a bit aggervating. Also, Eric fell from a ladder at work yesterday and is quite sore - I joked with him that we will be hobbling into the new year!!! LOL.
The first two pic's of Evan right after he saw what Santa brought him - He loves his new race track and his Planet Heroes.
The second is of Evan opening his tackle box from Daddy. Eric LOVES to fish and is too excited that Evan also enjoyed doing this with him the past summer and that Evan had tackle box on his Christmas list.
By the time we got to my Mom's he was a pro and opened all of his presents before we had gotten our tissue out of our first bag. LOL.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Me & Christmas

Sorry for no photo last Friday, our visit with Santa didn't go so well. Evan did great, he was so excited, it was Santa, can you believe it? The little kid in front of us got down and left so it was Evan's turn and I nudged him and said okay, it's your turn buddy and he walked right up to get on Santa's lap and Santa put his hand out and said, "You'll have to wait, they are not ready to take your picture yet." HUH??? My response - "We are not here to get a picture we are here to see Santa." Santa then looked down at Evan and Evan began telling him that he had been good and that he was sorry for when he had been bad and then his list of requests. Santa never said anything, never attempted to pick Evan up or anything. I was so disappointed. We are going to a Christmas party tomorrow and my Papaw is going to show up in a Santa suit so hopefully he'll be nice ; ) of course Evan didn't notice that Santa was less than Mommy expected.
Now for the title of the post. Something with me & Christmas is off. It started back in my Jr. yr. of HS when on Christmas Eve I started having horrible pain in my bottom. By Christmas day I was unable to sit down. I made it through and my parents took me to immediate care early the day after Christmas where I was rushed into immediate surgery for a polinidle cyst. Then the Christmas Evan was born we had a huge ice storm that shut down the town that Eric & I live in just outside of Louisville. We left Evan at my parents and drove the long and slow drive home to get our Christmas presents and check on the house. On the way back I began having a headache and wrote it off to driving so long in an ice storm. By Christmas morning I knew something was wrong, I was having such a hard time focusing and the room seemed to be slightly moving. The symptoms kept intensifying until I went to the Dr. a few days later and was diagnosed with Virtigo. I was out of commission as far as driving or being alone with Evan and put on disability for 2 months at which time it went away. Now this Christmas. On Monday after arriving at work I kept complaining about how cold it was. My feet felt like they were freezing - like in an ice bucket. When I got home I couldn't wait to take my socks and shoes off and wrap them in a heated blanket. When I got my shoes off I realized that to the touch my feet felt warm but my feet also didn't feel the touch. Yep, my feet have been numb/asleep since Monday! I went to the Dr. today and was told that looking back on my records I have always been borderline anemic - well not anymore - I crossed the line. They gave me a big B12 shot and took lots of blood work and warned me that the shot could be a weekly thing. They said some people get feeling back immediately after their B12 shot - so far I haven't. After telling my folks I found out I have 2 Aunts and 1 Cousins w/ pernicious anemia and that is hereditary. Good Grief.

Friday, December 14, 2007

FFF - Evan's visit with Santa

With Eric working so many hours it became a habit this summer to snuggle in my bed with Evan and read books and we always ended up falling asleep. Eric would move Evan into his bed whenever he got home. When things started to slow down a bit for Eric and he was home at bedtime he started going to Evan's room and reading to him but, he always fell asleep before Evan and ended up sleeping most of the night with him. Mind you, that before Eric's change in schedule this summer Evan has been happily sleeping in his own bed alone with no trouble. When Eric wakes up sometime around 2 or 3am he gets up and comes to our bed and in no time we hear Evan's little feet coming down the hall to our room. We have spent many many nights lately with the 3 of us snuggled side by side. My back has been hurting so badly that I told Eric we really need to try to get him sleeping again in his bed and the last two night he has, all night!
This Morning I told Evan that after lunch I would take him to see Santa. A few minutes later Evan said "Mommy, you be Santa"
M - "Okay, I'm Santa"
E - "Santa, do you remember me, it's Evan"
M - "of course I remember you"
E - "I slept in my bed the whole night last night"
M - "good for you, maybe there will be an extra gift in your stocking"
E - "Thanks for forgiving me when I'm bad too"
This followed with his gift request. I was cracking up. I'll post a picture of him with Santa tonight for FFF.

Friday, December 07, 2007

It's the Holiday Season

Last night was so precious! Evan had his very first Christmas play at his preschool - they were so cute. His class sang 4 songs - Away in a Manger, Go Tell it on the Mountain, Open the eyes of my Heart Lord and We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Evan had proclaimed that he would NOT be doing any motions but, he surprised us and did them all. I'll be uploading pictures tonight so, you will be seeing for yourself that my little man was so cute last night! I'm so excited to be given the gift of this child and sharing in these moments with him.
Our little Sarah has been released from the hospital and is resting at home - well somewhat - has her days and nights completely mixed up her Mama says.
Maddie still needs our prayers. Her parents said that she is a candidate for transplant now and that when asked the Dr.'s said the best time for Maddie to receive a heart is today. Please pray.

The first picture is of Evan and one of his Brave Heart friends that he also gets to go to school with, Caleb.

The Second picture is of Evan and he new school friend, Blake. You remember me posting earlier that Evan had a very rough first few weeks of school. Another Mom whose son is in Evan's class and whom I also work with but did not really know became such a God send to us during this. I was able to get to know this sweet lady and her adorable little Blake and they agreed to wait for us every morning in the parking lot and let Evan & Blake walk in together. This did just the trick and made Evan feel much better about school. Thank you Lisa & Blake!!!