Monday, January 29, 2007


On Thur. night I signed on to my computer while Evan was taking a bath and went through our digital pic's since Christmas and picked a few to post. I didn't get to finish so, I decided on Fri. night I would make time to post some new pic's. Back to Thur. - when we got home there was a notice from our electric company that there would be electrical work done in our neighborhood on Fri. and that they were sorry for the inconvienance - no big deal - we would be at work anyway. Eric and I trade off responsibilities of bath and bed so technically it was my night for bath on Fri. but, I explained to him about the lack on pic's on the blog and he happily swapped me nights so, off to the office I went to post some pic's. I hit the button and nothing - just blinking - immediately my mind thought back to the electrical work notice and called my sister-in-law/computer repair woman and she gave me some tips to try but after telling her about the electrical work she said that it sounded like my power supply and board were blown by a power surge (computer was on a power surge protector) and to contact the electrical company. I called this morning and they said that there was a problem when trying to turn the electrical back on on Friday and that they were going to send an "investigator" to take a look at the computer. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they replace it and also that our harddrive is saved as the pictures we've taken since Christmas are not backed up on CD! Until then I'm restricted to checking on blog's and email during break and lunch at work.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Train Wreck Causes Evacuation

Things have been crazy around here - there was a huge train wreck in Shepherdsville KY which is only about 5 miles from my work - less than 3 miles from my parents home - very close. It happened Tue. morning after I had dropped Evan off and gotten to work. The area had to be evacuated - because of winds sending the toxic fumes the opposite direction we were all able to stay put. However, I was unable to get home as the main interstate had to be shut down for 12 hours and all traffic coming in and out of Louisville was forced to take 2 roads and there was a 4 hour delay - so my usual 1/2 hr. commute would have been 4 1/2 hrs. long so we camped out at my parents and watched the TV for possible evacuation orders. The train wreckage is still burning this morning at what they call a controlled burn, as it is a gas and they are unable to just put it out, it has to burn out. There are a lot of efforts going on to speed up the process and they are saying that sometime today it should be through burning. It was unbelievable to see - the plume of smoke is still billowing into the air and everyone is staying indoors as much as possible as the fumes are toxic and burn your eyes. On Tuesday night the people who had exposure and needed hospital treatment were being undressed in a tent outside of the hospital and then hosed down and put into paper gowns before being allowed into the hospital - just unbelievable! Things seem to be better today - so maybe the people who are in shelters will be allowed to go home - although they say some people might actually lose their homes because of the toxins their homes were exposed to. On a brighter note - the weather is doing what it is supposed to here in the Bluegrass the last few days - it has turned cold! They are forcasting snow for the weekend and I for one am looking forward to it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Catch Up

Sorry I haven't posted in while - I've kept up with everyone else but when I logged in a few times to post I stared at the screen and logged out - why post when nothing comes to mind??? My brother and I agree that we have the New Years blah's. You know - Christmas is over, the running has ended, now what? Believe me I have plenty to do, spring cleaning, etc. etc. but, I've just been in a rut.
One thing I am excited about is Evan's Birthday party that is coming up. We are having it at The Playground . I think he will be surprised and I'm in love with the, they clean up the mess part! I found this cute t-shirt at Target that is a black short sleeve with attached white long sleeve underneath that has a stick man on it that says, "I Do All My Own Stunts" LOL. You usually dress your little one up for their birthday but for The Playground I think this is more fitting and definately more "Evan".
Not sure if you all have heard about us losing our football coach - UofL. This song, "Bad Day Bobby" was on the radio today regarding that and it is hilarious : P .