Friday, March 26, 2010


I've been so emotional and so thankful for my relationship with God to be there when I cry out to him. On Monday, the 15th I got a call at work that my Dad was having chest pain and was being taken to the local ER. My Mom told me to stay at work - that she would call when they got there. I remembered that they were running an errand for me and wanted to call her back to let her know that I would take care of it, not to worry. When I called she said she felt my Dad was worse than he had let on and that I should come. At the ER his blood enzymes were elevated so they admitted him and scheduled a stress test that was cancelled and a cath that was done the next day. The cath revealed 5 blockages. Open heart surgery was done on Fri., the 19th where a triple bypass was successful. Something cool - Evan's surgeon trained my Dad's surgeon. You would think after all I've seen with Evan this would be cake but... it's hard to see your Dad on the vent, restrained and confused. He is doing awesome - in true Dad fashion he went out to pick flowers yesterday - 6 days post op. He is driving my Mom crazy - my brother and I too. But, we wouldn't want it any other way.
Say a prayer for me and this weekend - after reading some of Kathy's post I don't think it's so bad after all.
I'm picking Evan up from school today
going to my parents to cut my Dad's hair and borrow some crystal
stopping at Kohls on the way home for David's 60th bday present
picking up the house
eating dinner
taking shot
tomorrow - get up and clean big time
Evan's batting practice
grocery big time
Evan's Tae Kwon Do exhibition
David's 60th bday party
Sun. - getting house decorated
preparing and setting up dinner
Eric's Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary celebration AT MY HOUSE!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cardio Update, MS Update, Bikes and a New Neice

Spring is finally starting to bring us some sunshine! I'm so glad the snow is gone. Although... I did see on the forecast there is still a slight chance for it. I hope not. Last weekend was beautiful here - it felt so wonderful to sit on the porch and let Evan play outside. He is getting better and better riding his bike without training wheels. He did learn how to stop without just falling over ; )

We had a cardio appointment last Thur. I say it all the time but, we are so blessed with a wonderful cardiologist. Dr. M said Evan doesn't play by the rules and has his own ideas for his rollercoaster ride. There were no changes at all. Dr. M expected it to change and had planned a cath for Spring break but, that was CANCELLED! I know it's coming, surgery too, but I'm happy he is doing so well it can wait. We will go back next month and see what he has to say. For now... we had 6 yr old machine pitch baseball tryouts this past week! We will soon hear about the team and hope he and his buddies make it together again this year. Also, Evan has Orange belt testing for Tae Kwon Do this Sat. He is so serious. He just loves it! I'm so proud of him, the head guy came up to me last week and said, "Are you Evan's Mom? I just wanted to tell you he is one bright kid, seriously." I told Evan he said that and Evan just beamed. School is still going awesome for him too. He achieved above average on almost all levels of his testing and the teacher said the one he received average on they hadn't even covered the material for that yet. BTW I can't wait until it's short weather... I can't find pants to fit Evan for anything - 6 is too small - even 6x but, 7 is too big. Sigh.
As for me, I'm doing okay. After lots of red tape through insurance, drug company, copay assistance program and specialty pharmacy, I've finally started the shots for my MS treatment. I started Avonex 3 weeks ago. My dr. has me on a 1/4 dose increase over 4 weeks to the full dose. This past Friday I took 3/4 dose. The needle is huge and is quite intimidating - 1 1/4" and 23 gauge. I was surprised at how little it hurt though. A nurse came to our house and trained me on how to give it to myself and I'm doing good with that. I'm following all the hints and helpful advice I was given... lots of water day before and day of shot day, eat a good dinner, lay out shot for 3-4 hrs. before shot time, take Tylenol PM right at shot time, ice pack leg for 5 min., give shot and go to bed. I'm taking it every Fri. night at bedtime. I've been warned of the side effects that happen to 90%+ of people - they are flu like symptoms for up to 4 months after starting the shots. The few people I know personally that take the shots had severe chills about 3 hours after shot time. The first shot I had a slight headache - I'm not sure it was shot related though as I was so scared I probably gave myself the headache and I also set the alarm and took an extra dose of Tylenol PM (I won't do that again.) The second dose I had no reaction at all. This last week I did wake up very cold about 3 hours after the shot but was able to go back to sleep and felt fine Sat. morning. The nurse said I won't know for sure until I'm taking a full dose but, I'm hoping that I'm in the 10% that does fine.
We welcomed a new neice to my sister in laws family this past week! Evan is quite smitten with Taylor. She had some trouble breathing the morning she was born and was moved into the NICU. I had told Evan that he might not be able to go to TKD practice that night if we were needed at the hospital. He said, "oh... if they need us to follow the ambulance to Kosair, we should do that and I'll tell my Dr.'s and nurses." So sweet... She ended up not needing to be transferred and is doing fine. Evan was so excited to get to go see her and sat right next to me while I held her talking to her. He even asked if he could hold her! When Eric held her she started to cry and Evan had just gotten up, he came right back and said, "I think she likes me!" When we were leaving a nurse came in to take her to the nursery to be weighed and Evan looked at me and said, "Mom, we don't even know her - should we follow her?" Congratulations Megan and Joey - Welcome baby Taylor!