Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas & a whole lot more

Our big guy... he is doing amazingly good. He is the smartest, cutest and silliest kid I know. He remains at the top of his class in all subjects. He loves to read. He is probably already better at Math than I am. He is blessed with another wonderful teacher this year. We have always been so blessed with good teachers. We just had his 6 month cardio check up where Dr. McOmber said, "no change see you in 6 months." I can't tell you the relief that washes over all of us when good news is given there. Evan told him the only reason he likes to come is to see him and his nurses. Dr. McOmber said, "Evan... that's why I do what I do." I got a great picture of him and his nurses. I always forget that but not this time. The night before the appointment we made cookies for his Dr. and watched White Christmas. When going to bed and saying prayers Evan asked, "am I going to have another surgery Mom?" I promised to never lie to him so I always respond with, "I don't know Evan but I don't think so... Dr. McOmber would never let you go 6 months if thought it was possible something needed to be done anytime soon." I also reminded him that his favorite nurse had called that very day and said to tell Evan they were fighting over who got to take him back. He knew his Cheryl would win - she has seniority of course. He smiled when I told him she had called... You can tell from the pictures that these nurses (a few amazing ones missing) and this Dr. are like family to us. We just love them. Anyway... Evan at bedtime the night before said, "Mom, help me think good thoughts, I can't sleep." I got my phone and told him how White Christmas is my most favorite Christmas movie and that "Count your Blessings" was a song we could learn and so I found it on my phone and we listened a few times, learning the words and sang it together. If you're worried and you can't sleep Just count your blessings instead of sheep And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings He fell asleep and I cried. My precious sweet boy that has lost his innocence having to think of things that most adults do not. But how amazing he is and I know God has such amazing things in store for him. He still claims he wants to be a cardiologist when he grows up and I told him he could do anything he wants... and I know he will. I'll be proud though no matter what he chooses... if he is happy I will be happy. Us parents we are doing just fine... working away. MS has slowed me down a bit since Thanksgiving - lost vision for what 10 days but thanks to steroids I gained it back 100%. Of course the steroids bottomed out my immune system so despite getting the flu shot I got the flu and then a secondary bronchular infection. But I'm good. You know what I'm really good... Evan's appointment went wonderful, My Mom completely recovered from her open heart surgery (did I blog about that?) and her stroke/seizures that followed that, I can say, we are well. I couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift or be more blessed. I know It's been forever since I posted.... Again. Facebook is so quick and I can go there and post cute pictures of Evan and sayings and happenings on the go. This blog though... it has been such good therapy for me. The days when I couldn't say the words but could blog them. The days that I poured my heart out with pain or rejoicing. There are so many of you that I met right here that I hold dear to my heart. There are some that I felt such connection with even though I never have met them we hold a bond - we called ourselves Heart Mom's. They would leave messages for me and/or Evan - encouraging us - praying - letting us know they understood. I would pray and send love through a comment for heart babies that I felt I knew. The love strangers who became friends showed Evan through postings touched my heart and life in so many ways. I'm a better person, first of all for being blessed to be Evan's Mommy but also to be a heart Mommy and to have met so many other Heart Mom's that encouraged and blessed me along the way. Saying all that I think that it is a great time to publish this blog in a book form for a gift for Evan. I hope that someday he will read these posts and comments and know how very much we love him and how very blessed we are to be his parents. I hope when he grows up this sits on his bookshelf and when he see's it he pulls it out and smiles and feels our love.