Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stomach Bug & Brian

We have been dealing with a nasty stomach bug since Thur. night. It started with Evan, then my parents, then Eric and then this morning me. Everyone else has seemed to recover within 24 hrs. but... Evan has held on and continues to bother him. It's not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning but he is still having some issues. The Dr. didn't feel he was contagious at this point but Evan was worried about a possible accident at school so he stayed home with me today.
On the the Brian part of the post.
Ever since we moved and got a new home phone # we have received creditor and personal calls for a certain Brian. I have called creditors back and answered personal calls to avoid futher calls for Brian and explained that this is no longer his number. It has slowed down but this one creditor continue to call and so last week I was a little aggervated and called the creditor and said... "how many times do I have to call you and explain that this is no longer his number and that there is no Brian at this residence." They apologized and promised there would not be any further calls from them. Today I was fixing some toast and Evan was playing with his little play cell phone. He made the ringing noise and came running and said, "Mommy, it is for you." I had my hands full and asked him who it was... his reply... "It's Brian N***." I busted out laughing and he said, "No Brian lives here... we have a new number and want you to quit calling" and finished by letting out a long sigh. He is so my child.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Thanks to everyone private and blogger world for your advice on my last post. I have decided like many of you suggested to invite the whole class. The birthday party place is big and I wanted lots of kiddos there to enjoy it. I had 12 on the list w/o school but the room was made for 24. Maybe it will even help... especially if I see that happening and I can help Evan out. We will make it a special day!!!
Tomorrow is the inauguration. On facebook it asks for your status... today I wrote... Sarah thinks time flies - 8 years ago I was in DC w/ UofL Collegiate Chorale singing at the Bluegrass Inaugural Ball and tomorrow singing at the inauguration - it seems like another lifetime. Eight years sure does change a person.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a Bad Day

We had a bad day yesterday. I have had a few crazy weeks at work and this week has been the craziest. Eric is working crazy too... we are seeing lowest temp's of the year and everyone's heat is going out it seems. Evan had a bad day at school yesterday. My Mom always calls me as soon as they get to the car when she picks him up. He usually takes the phone and tells me all about his day... and everyone elses in his class, LOL. When he doesn't want to talk is when something didn't go quite right. He shares when I get home but I guess he doesn't want to tell me things like that over the phone. Lately Evan has been sharing with me about a certain one in his class... (You remember posts this past summer about Evan being sensitive and how some kids seem to get a kick out of making Evan cry and Evan's response is aggression as he doesn't seem to know how to play the mind game back.) He is always telling me that he asks him if they can be friends or is he Evan's friend and his reponse is always no and lately Evan says he spells N-O. This drives Evan crazy and he says sometimes he cries. We have been doing role playing and me be Evan and him be the other kid. Trying to tell Evan NOT to ask if they are friends to NOT worry about whether they are or not. Apparantly my talks haven't helped. Yesterday my Mom called and said that Evan had a bad day and had gotten Yellow at school. They use the Green, Yellow and Red light type of system. Evan has always gotten green. I asked to talk to him and he said no and sounded like he was going to cry. When I got home he instantly ran to me and hugged me and told me that he had gotten yellow. He said they were coloring and that he asked if they were friends (sigh) and the response was no so Evan hit him. His teacher wrote a note saying that, that had happened and that Evan was sorry and apologized. Evan kept saying, "I'm sorry Mommy... why doesn't he want to be my friend???" We had another talk last night about not worrying about who is NOT your friend but playing and having fun with those who are. He wanted to invite his class to his big 5th birthday now I'm questioning whether we should or not... would hate for his big day to be ruined. What to do???? Evan cannot act in aggression when his feelings are hurt and he so does not understand why... he just kept saying, "he hurt me."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My boy's imagination

Had to jot a few things down lest I forget them. We took Evan to see BOLT recently and he LOVED it. Has talked nothing other than Bolt for weeks. Penny and Bolt are now his imaginary friends. He talks to them all the time. I hear him in the back seat saying, "Okay Penny... yes Penny... no we can't do that Penny" LOL. I picked him up from preschool and his early care teacher told me that he had been whispering and that she asked him who he was talking to and he told her his sister, Penny. So now Penny and Bolt do everything and go everywhere with us. I never had a make believe friend - have any of you?
Also... I was dropping Evan off at school and his BFF Olivia's Mom said, I have to tell you something Evan told Olivia yesterday. He told her that the tiger from the Louisville Zoo got loose and came to our new house and that they had to come capture it. Evan had come out to hug me bye and I asked him where I was while this was happening... he just smiled and said, "that was just a story besides, Olivia made me loose my naptime skittle yesterday." So... I guess Ms. Debbie gives a skittle to them if they behave and rest during naptime and Evan was going to scare her for "making" him loose his skittle, LOL.
This is for Stephanie and Jason - our friends who brought home baby Jameson through adoption recently. Evan has his own language now... he said that it is called, "Evanese."

Monday, January 05, 2009

Go Cards!

Last night was so funny. My husband is a huge UK basketball fan. I too grew up in a family that were big fans of the Cats. BUT... I went to college at UofL and during that time became a fan. When Evan was born Eric bought him a UK onsie and had his heart set on Evan loving Big Blue. My little guy is a Go Cards fan!!! He Loves cheering for them, much to his fathers chagrin. Poor Daddy. Yesterday was the big game - UK vs. UL. Can me and Evan get a Whoot Whoot - Cards beat the Cats!!! It was so funny - Eric, my Dad, my Mom all cheering for UK and Evan and I cheering for the Cards. He was serious. I wondered what was going to happen if UL didn't win, LOL.