Thursday, May 05, 2011

Awana's end... Baseball begins!

This weekend is Mother's Day weekend! How is that so? It was just Easter and here in Louisville this is Derby week! Just doesn't feel right. But whether it feel's right or not it is and I feel so incredibly lucky to have my Mom and be a Mom to my little guy. I've called him that for so long that it has just stuck when talking about him to others so I guess even when he is 6'2" I'll still call him my little guy, maybe. He is such a strong, big guy really. At age 7 he weighs 87 lbs. and I think he is 54 inches tall now. He has always been in the 90% of his age group and has stayed there and never strayed. However, he is my little guy that still thinks he is 3 and daily crawls into my lap to get hugs and kisses and man does that make this Mommy happy. I'm so glad he still loves to get hugs and kisses from me and still wants to be my "baby". He is a mess though - keeps us laughing all the time. He has had a few (quite a few to be honest) yellow days at school. He calls me everyday when my Mom picks him up and tells me about his day. The first thing he says is always "I got green Mom" or "I got yellow, and Mom I don't get it..." he goes into this long story about what happened and keeps saying "I don't get it, do you Mom?" My guess is trying to butter me up so he gets in less trouble at home and sometimes I wonder if he really feels innocent. It is always for talking. The kid talks in his sleep. And he says the funniest things. I said last time that after Christmas we joined Evan up for Awana's and he has been going and loving it ever since. On the first night when picking him up, he turned to the class and said, "peace out, don't do drugs!" My face turned red and I got him by the arm and walked very quickly to the hall where I stopped and asked him "Why in the WORLD would you say that?" His response was, "well... they shouldn't." It was drug awareness week at school but I wondered what they thought of the new family... Awards night for Awana's was last night and Evan and his little friend got their awards and Evan is truly sad that it has ended for summer break. But, just when one thing ends another gets going in full swing. We have been at it for a month I guess now but, Evan's 3rd game of the season is tonight - GO CUBS! Evan loves batting and is so strong that when he makes contact that ball goes. He gets bored in the outfield and loves when he gets assigned a base. At this point they want all the kids to have a chance at different positions so they rotate them. When Evan's in the outfield he mostly plays, balls come his way and he has no clue. He was put on 3rd base last game and he was for real! A kid a couple weeks ago had asked to go to the bathroom and the coach said you should go before the game... he told the kid to go but since he left someone else got to take that kids spot on 2nd base. Well... Evan got 3rd base and needed to pee and he wasn't going to loose his spot. We went to dinner after the game and when we got home it was late and bedtime. I asked Evan to get undressed and was going to put his uniform in the wash. When getting to his underpants, the protective cup had liquid in it and his underwear was soaked. You couldn't tell this from the outside... I guess those new dry wick pants really work... I asked Evan why in the world would you do that and his response, "I'm not loosing 3rd base!" Unfortunately I think Evan has decided this is funny because at the last game Evan was in the dug out and announced... I just peed and was very proud that no one could tell. Sigh... there is an agreement made if that happens again that he will sit out an inning but if he is sent to the outfield I'm not sure he will care. Sigh. So... that's what we are up to. School has 3 more weeks and then it's out for summer! Can't believe my little guy is almost out of 1st grade. We watched home videos a week ago with my parents and I kept saying "awwhh.... look at you Evan, I remember that..." Evan said, "Mom, are you sad?? You like me now, right?" I had to assure him that I LOVE his little 7 year old self with lots of hugs and kisses. One last thing the house sold across the street from us and they have a little boy just a little less than 2 years older than Evan. He is a really good kid and he and Evan just have a blast playing together - when Grant is at his Mom's for the weekend he and Evan play from lunch until 8:30 - riding bikes, playing in the creek, just all kinds of fun boy things. What an answer to prayer... we have prayed since we moved in that there would be a little boy or girl Evan's age to play with - he has always wanted a neighbor friend. They had friends over last week so there was 4 of them riding bikes and throwing rocks, what fun! Last thing... the weather here has been horrible... raining for days and days, flooding that we haven't seen since 2007 and tornado watches and warnings all the time. Evan is terrified of tornados - that might have to be another post. Happy Spring everyone!

Evan & Lucas Awana awards night

Evan playing 3rd base

Our creek - see the ducks?

Our pretty Easter eggs from our dyeing contest

Evan & his neighbor friends : )