Friday, March 09, 2012

Evan takes 1st place at District for Young Author's

Evan came home a month or so ago with a book he had written at school. His school was participating in the Young Author's program and he was to type his book and bind it at home. I was so proud as I read his book - his own words - his book titled, "My 3rd Surgery". He came home beaming with pride when he found out his book got 1st place in his class. A few days later he came home again beaming with pride to find out at the pep rally that he won first place at his school for 2nd grade. We were invited to the District award ceremony. We were two proud parents when his name was announced along with the districts other school's 2nd grade winners to come on stage. Then after they brought all the 13 elementary school's on stage they said, "First place goes to Evan". You should have seen his proud face. You should have ignored my proud Mommy huge smile and tears. Yep... I couldn't help it, it just overwhelmed me all of a sudden - that little boy - he is mine and I'm so very proud.