Friday, October 26, 2007

Evan's Mendaversary & Hubby's Birthday (FFF)

Today is Evan's 3rd "mend"aversary since his open heart surgery. I always try to spend some time this day with him doing something he really wants to do and we also usually deliver goodies and cards to his cardiologist. Its hard to put into words the way I feel each year as this day passes - the sadness of remembering what he went through - the gratefulness that he came through it - the anxiety of wondering when/if he will have to go through it again - thankfulness for the time God has given us together - thankful for the Doctors and Nurses that have and continue to care for him. So many different emotions. The favorite pictures today are of him after his first cardiologist appointment and one I had made a few weeks ago.

Today is also hubby's 34th birthday. I think I've told this before but, I'll tell it again. Gearing up for Evan's surgery - being the OCD person I am, I had to plan. There were so many things out of my control so I went a little overboard on the things I could control - cleaning, packing, sorting, doing things a certain time, perfection. I also was engulfed with the need for knowledge about what was going on searched and asked questions to anyone and everyone I thought could help - I also probably drove his doctors crazy and had given my cell phone as the contact number for all the doctors. I was sitting at work one Wednesday afternoon and my cell rang and it was the head nurse from the cardiologist saying that the surgeon was going on a 2 week vacation and that he had a cancellation and could fit Evan in before he left in TWO DAYS - that Friday morning. I just started crying and crying and couldn't stop - what was this lady thinking calling a person that was preparing for this surgery and telling them they could do it in 2 days - all I kept saying to her was no, no we can't - I need to wash his favorite clothes and get his favorite toys together and clean my house and.... She said it's okay - I just wanted you to have the option we can schedule it when he gets back. I hung up and left work - ran to get Evan and just held him wondering how I would ever prepare for this. The nurse got smart and changed the contact number to Eric's cell phone and when they called to reschedule they called him. So, Eric called me and said well, we have a surgery date... I ran through the list... Is it on Tuesday or Wednesday so we will be at the hospital during the week and have the best care, is he first case, can this nurse be here that day, did you ask these questions..... He calmly said, yes yes yes to all the questions and said okay, do you want to hear it (pause) It's October 26th. WHAT?!?!?!? That's your birthday!!!! To which he replied, It's okay, it will be the best birthday present ever. And it was.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Have I said that I love Fall? Well, I'm sure I have but, where is it. We have a few good days and then today - high of 83?? My little country boy - I'm definately a city girl - my husband is a country boy - Evan - he woke up at 8:00 and in his cutest Bluegrass accent said, "Daddy, lets go get some crickets and wax worms and go fishing - Mommy, I'm going to bring you home some good fish." Um, who is going to cook this fish??? So here I am with a morning to myself and I feel lost. Usually we would be in church but to be honest here we are having a really hard time with that. I have been a member of the same church my entire life - I met Eric there 10 years ago - married there 7 years ago - lots of memories. About 7 years ago a lot of changes happened and I really believed that those things that began to bother me would pass and I should continue to hang in there. Evan was born and under the direction of his Dr. we steered clear of church and places there would be lots of kids. Evan had his surgery at 9 months old and we had probably only been to church 5 times - so weird for people who were in church 3 times a week and also attended local seminary. During our quarantine we were hurt by the lack of support and then after surgery we returned and felt so out of place. I loved Evan's Sunday School class and it was so good for him so we continued to go for that reason. Now, we never go.... I need to be uplifted but how??? I'm not feeling it at my lifelong membership church - so I guess I need to go elsewhere. Our house is on the market and I keep saying we are going to go back after we move so we can find somewhere close to our new home but, things are moving slowly so that could be a while. Have I just become really picky? Is it me - my attitude that I'm not feeling it? I want a place where people can be real, no pretending. That I feel shouldn't be so hard to find. I'm thinking the search better begin soon.

I missed Favorite Foto Friday but, here they are, We had boo at the zoo this week and I think I mentioned in the last post that Evan wanted to be a skeleton and we found one we like at Pottery Barn but it was $50 - check the link - how did I do? I made it for $12.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall is here! Favorite Foto Friday

I'm so happy that finally it feels like fall here in the Ohio valley. We are packing the first fall like weather weekend full. Evan begins swimming lessons at the local YMCA with his buddies Sat. morning and then our town is having its annual Arts and Crafts festival. Sunday we are going to Huber's Orchard and Winery - - with some friends to get pumpkins and sip cider. Sunday night we are going to Boo at the Zoo and Evan is soooo excited. I fell in love with the skeleton costume at Pottery Barn but it was $49.99 and well, I just would not pay that so, I made it for $11.00! It turned out so good - I'll post those pic's next Friday.

Our house hasn't sold yet but, there have been a few showings so, at least we have started the process. I'm really praying that things work out to where I'll be in a new home in time to celebrate my 30th birthday - if so everyone is invited for margaritas!!!

Evan is LOVING school - I'm so glad he adjusted to this. This week was Fire Prevention week and the local fire dept. came and gave them safety tips and let them get on the truck and gave them hats. Evan has been schooling us all week on what we should do if there is a fire - he's so cute. He also recognized his name in a group of names and wrote it for the first time this week.

Continue to pray for Maddie - she is really looking better and better.
Our little Brave Heart Sarah was admitted to the hospital last Sat. w/ low sats but, they improved and are still looking at surgery before Christmas.
Hope everyone is enjoying Fall!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Favorite Foto Friday

I'm going back to some oldies for my favorite pic's today.

This was taken while napping - he was only a few weeks old. What I would give for him to be this small again. I'm so thankful for everything God has brought him through and I wish I would have relied on my faith more when Evan was this small!

Evan's favorite time was bath time and pre-repair he would turn so blue and get so cold and it didn't help that his little bathtub was blue so we were constantly saying "is he okay, is it just me, check his nailbeds" - oh I should have just enjoyed that little face instead of worrying so much!

This is true Evan style - I was getting ready to leave him at my Mom's while I worked and this was his favorite position in his highchair!

Maddie is still having a very hard time - please keep praying for her and her family.
Our Brave Heart Logan was re-admitted because his chest tube came out but, x-ray showed it wasn't needed and he went right back home!
Also, if you read my blog but not Brayden's please visit there as his family is requesting signatures on this amendment to help bring their boy's home from Guatamala.