Monday, November 26, 2007

Urgent Prayer

I know I promised an update from my big 3-0 birthday getaway but, that will have to wait as I'm coming to you with more important things.
Please pray for Maddie she is once again on ECMO after a major turnaround from almost being discharged to go home Thanksgiving. Please Lord help Maddie's lungs to be free of the casts and not return - help her Fontan circuit to not be the cause of these problems.
Our youngest Brave Heart member - Sarah, is 5 months old and will be undergoing her 2nd OHS for HLHS tomorrow. She had a cath. today to get things ready and as far as I know it is a go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving & makeup FFF

I've meant to post several times lately but life just seems to keep me so busy! I got a night out alone with some of my girlfriends last Friday to celebrate my 30th B-day at The Melting Pot . I had so much fun and laughed so hard.... we definately need a few more nights out like that a year!!! To all of you that made it I Love You and thank you for keeping me sane and making me smile. To those of you who didn't - pblthhh.... ; P ahahahahaha.... My family gave me a little party on Saturday and I went to the Ceasar's Casino for the first time (probably the last) several people I know love to go but, that just isn't my thing. Eric is taking me away this weekend just the two of us, he has planned everything himself and I can't wait and I'm surprised I haven't A.) figured it out yet or B.) Eric hasn't slipped and told me yet. He told me today that it was a Holiday Inn with a view of White Castles - he thinks he is so funny. I'll have to update next week and let you all know.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful for all he blessings in my life. I pray that all of you have a wonderful day.

I wanted to share (before I forget - gosh I'm just 30 but my mind is shot) with all of you some of the sayings Evan has been saying. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes - it really makes discipline hard ; )

In the middle of ALL adult conversations - Essuze me please - I'm trying to talk (and then he has to think of something to say)

Mommy are you zhausted (exhausted)

I've got an idea - usually followed by something really fun for Evan and not so much fun for us

Me - Evan did you have a good day at school

Evan - I didn't get time out but, I'm sure glad this day is over!!!

Me - what did you do?

Evan - played : ))))

He was at my parents the other day and he asked my dad this "Papaw, we can go hunting, fishing or climb the apple tree, it's your decision Papaw, you can think about it." Papaw didn't want to do anything and was quiet a while when Evan said, "Papaw are you still thinking about it, what is your decision."

He can be such a smarty and asked me the other day on the way to time out if I wanted time out - his time was doubled. He can't help himself. He knows when he is in trouble and should shut his little mouth but, he is my child and he just HAS to add something on his way out.

See below promised pic of Evan's chin which is all better now. Also a few pictures from Evan's last swimming lesson at the local Y - his teacher said he was doing so well he could go down the big kids slide - he LOVED it! Lastly a pic of Evan and his bud Lucas watching Frosty the Snowman today as Mommy has been off all week and we've enjoyed lots of play dates with our friends.

Friday, November 02, 2007

FFF & Cardio checkup

We had a cardio checkup yesterday, it has been six months since our last one and Evan had asked several times when we were going to see his Dr. McOmber! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring cardio to care for our Evan, he feels so special there with him & his nurses. There is nothing we value more than feeling comfortable and at peace knowing that your childs doctor is without a doubt looking at your child as a person, not another patient. The nurses there even walk with our heartwalk team every year - they are wonderful. So.... Dr. says that Evan is looking great - he did a great echo and explained to Evan what he was looking at and answered all his "why?" questions. He said that we will do another Ventilation Profusion Scan and 24 hr. holter in March which will be 1 year since the last scan. We will continue to do this every year to keep an eye on the left PA that was stented Apr. 06 - eventually they say he will need a valve and conduit to replace his current valve and left PA so we are just going to keep a good watch and put it off as long as possible. We also were able to discontinue Digoxin for the time being so, Evan will be med free for a while. We thought the night was just going wonderful then, at bathtime Evan fell getting out of the tub and gashed his chin open - I about died when Eric came running out of the bathroom with him. We ran to the immediate care which was to close in 10 minutes and they were able to glue it shut with steri strips and avoid stiches. This weeks FFF is of Evan and his beloved Dr. McOmber. Next weeks will be of Evan and his steri strips - oiy - this boy keeps me on my toes!