Monday, January 23, 2006

Heart Cath. Scheduled

We just receieved the call from Evan's cardio and the heart cath. is scheduled for the morning of Feb. 9th. Dr. McOmber presented Evan to the heart board here in Louisville and they all agreed that now is the time to do something about this narrowed pulmonary artery, while Evan's heart is in such good condition. The plan will be for Dr. McOmber to do the cath and take measurements & gradients of the artery in question and that if it is smaller than they expected, he would call in the specialists, Dr. Recto to preform the balloon angioplasty. If this is the case and they can intervene in the lab we will stay overnight and go home on the 10th. If Dr. McOmber takes measurements and the artery is too long to do anything in the lab, we will go home that same day and they will schedule surgery. Again, please join us in praying that it does not go beyond the cath lab and that God will continue to work miracles in Evan's life. Thanks for all of your support and prayers and we will keep everyone informed.