Friday, March 31, 2006


Well, yesterday was our appointment with the specialist that is going to be doing Evan's cath. The specialist is located at the cardio office that Evan was a patient of when he was born. Visiting there yesterday reminded us of why we switched offices. This office makes things so hectic and anxious! We were there from 9:30-2:00 and we would have been at Dr. McOmber's for an 1 1/2 hr. for the same things!!! Anyway, I'm trying to remember that I'm thankful for them and their expertise! We had x-rays and that was the best x-ray tech we have ever had at Kosairs! She did so good with Evan, let him sit up instead of laying down and was just great, she said ask for the short lady and we will get her. After x-ray we hiked over to the cardio office where we waited and waited and waited. Finally they did EKG, blood pressure and sats, which were all good. Then another nurse came and did the echo, nothing like when Dr. McOmber does it, Evan cried through the whole thing. Then we waited and waited some more. Dr. Recto finally came in and he was nice and explained the procedure using a little mesh wire tube called a stent which they will insert through Evan's groin in a catheter tube and lead up to his pulmonary artery. Once the stent is in the pulmonary artery they will put a balloon in the cath and into the stent and open it up to the needed opening. Dr. Recto seemed very confident that this could work and that even if the artery is long in the narrowed spot they have even used two stents back to back to open a longer narrowed artery. He also asked if Evan has ever been tested for DiGeorge Syndrome. The reason he asked was because of Evan's eyes, Evan has ptosis of the eyelids. The first reaction was WHAT??!! The doctor is going to call and see if Evan was ever tested and if not he is going to do the test during the cath. This is the first time Dr. Recto has ever met Evan so, I'm not mad that he mentioned it, it is his job. Although Evan is advanced and doesn't show signs of this, I'm anxious awaiting the results of this. Evan is very bright and ahead of most children is age, only 25 mths. and already saying all of his ABC's, counts to 12, sings all kinds of songs and amazes all of us with his brightness and wit. However, I know that DeGeorge and Tetralogy of Fallot often go hand in hand and that is a fact. I'm ready to get this cath over with and start letting Evan just be a little boy again.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Specialist Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our appointment with the balloon angio specialist, Dr. Recto. This is going to make for a very long day, for Evan and for us. We will start at Kosair's with x-rays, always traumatic for us, I wish the techs there would try to put themselves in the parents shoes. They always upset me, making me hold him down while they figure out the machine, etc. I'm hoping that tomorrow we have a good experience in x-ray! Then off through the pedways to the cardio office. This is the office Evan was referred to when he was born, we have since switched cardio's, not for any lack of knowledge reason but, personally, we just love Dr. McOmber. Evan just loves his heart doc and actually likes seeing him. These doctors are very qualified and as stated above specialist in the balloon angio field so that is where we are going b/c we want Evan to have the best docs! They do things very different at this office, I think we are just used to the laid back and loving atmosphere at Dr. McOmber's. These doctors get it done and get it done right the first time even if that means restraints, if you know what I mean!! Anyway, I'm anxious about seeing them all again tomorrow and what they have to say about Evan's upcoming cath. Sometimes you go in there thinking things are great and leave crying and then sometimes you think there is a problem and there are none. Evan had some kind of virus last week and ran a fever for two days, ever since I think his lips have looked a bit flushed. He also has taken extra long naps the last few days, I guess this virus just wore him out a bit. It will ease my mind after the echo is done and they look it over. We are ready to get this going and to be a little more normal again.