Monday, July 30, 2007

August = Busy

We have been having lots of fun and staying insanely busy. Evan started Wee T-Ball back in June with 3 of his best friends. They are so cute and it's been wonderful spending time with our friends every Saturday watching our boy's act crazy together on the field. This has really thrown me for a loop however since I work full-time and Saturday was my cleaning day and then Sunday was family/church day - now we are gone most of the day Saturday b/c after the game of course everyone has to go have lunch and then it's nap time. My house show's that we have been busy this summer - it makes Sunday such a busy day but, I wouldn't trade this time for anything - not even a clean house. Work has been busy as well - 2nd Qtr. presentations and meetings - it's our 100 year anniversary and we have been doing lots of fun stuff to celebrate. Eric has been working 70 hour weeks on top of all of this, making me feel sometimes like a single mom. I hate it for him, feel like he is missing so much and feeling a little overwhelmed myself but, this should pass soon - he is in heating/air and this is their busiest season. August does not slow down for us - AHA Dance Benefit, AHA Golf Scramble, AHA Heart Walk, camping trip, Evan starts pre-school & ending with a much needed Myrtle Beach vacation. Blogger is being mean and won't let me download my slide show so I'll leave you with a few pic's and try again later.