Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had a magical 7 days at Disney! It was amazing… the parade and the fireworks every night… I felt like we got to see almost everything. I'm glad we spent 7 days. I don't think we would have enjoyed it as much and got to do as much as we did if we had spent less time. I also think anymore than 7 would be just too much. We were very tired when we got home on Sat. We all had our moments of "I've had enough of all of you" but… no fights and no issues. Evan wanted everything he saw so he had a few melt downs when he didn't get it. How strategic of Disney to put you in a store at each ride and show exit. Evan definately got his share of stuff although he might disagree... he wanted everything! What kid wouldn't?

On Sat. when we got there we went straight to Magic Kingdom and rode Buzz Lightyear (Evan's favorite the whole trip) and saw the parade and fireworks. The parade at Magic Kingdom is magical! It was one of my favorites. Before the parade began Evan met a little friend and the street was empty in preperation for the parade - Evan and his new little friend put on a complete show... they were so cute.

On Sun. we went to Animal Kingdom. Evan DID NOT like the ride Dinosaur. It was scary and although I thought my little guy would LOVE it, he didn't. From that point on he asked before every show and ride if it was going to be scary or not. We LOVED the shows at Animal Kingdom, Bugs Life, Lion King and Nemo. The Safari ride there was like we were in Africa - Loved that. Funny story that I was tempted not to share but... here goes. When Mamaw picked us up at the Airport on Sat. Evan exploded with stories to tell her... one of the first ones out of his mouth was this... "Mamaw, we went and saw a Bugs Life show and they had this ass bug and he shot ass at us." Eric and I were looking at each other like what the heck is he talking about and it hit me... there was an acid bug that Flik told not to shot acid at the humans... only my son.

On Mon. we went to Epcot. Soarin was the best!!! We all really enjoyed that. There was an interactive show there with Crush from Nemo and that was really neat too... in a how do they do that kinda way. Crush interacts with the audience differently at every show but it is a cartoon - I don't know - very cool! We all rode Test Track which is a race car and Evan screamed "RADICAL" through the whole ride. So funny... where did he get radical from? The fireworks show at Epcot is really cool and we went back Fri. night to do Soarin and see the fireworks again.

On Tue. we took a break and swam and played at the playground. After dinner Evan and I went trick or treating at Magic Kingdom. This is an extra charge and isn't included in our 7 day hopper pass. I would say it was worth it though. Evan and I had a great time doing Haunted Mansion at night. One of my best moments from Disney happened that night during the fireworks. Evan was standing in his stroller and I had it locked and was standing next to it holding on to him and he kept leaning over and kissing me on my cheek and telling me he loved me. I had tears in my eyes thinking how blessed I was to be sharing that moment with him.

On Wed. we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Tomorrowland is Evan's favorite place here. He loves the Buzz ride and Stich ride. He also loved the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor comedy show. My brother and I got picked to be a "part" of the show - I had to yodel and my brother was "that guy" - that little girl is the cutest thing I've ever seen - except for that guy and pops up a picture of my brother on the screen. Evan kept patting Munc's arm saying he was sorry.. he thought they were making fun of him. It was hilarious. Of course we had to do It's a Small World, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Snow White and the tea cups! Evan did Splash Mountain and did not like that drop... again another scary ride. Evan loved driving me and Munc in the race cars!

On Thur. we spent the day at Hollywood Studios! This was one of Evan's favorites for sure! He got picked for Jedi Training to become a Jedi. There were a bunch of kids and the lady said that when the Jedi Master came out he would pick 10 so to jump up and down and scream. Evan jumped and screamed with the best of them but I was worried he wouldn't get pick. I believe he was the last one and when he looked over and said - that little boy with the Star Wars shirt - Evan's face became serious and up on stage he went. It was so cute. He was given a robe and a light saber. His face remained serious the entire time. After training Darth Vader came out and fought each of the kids and they had to use their training. When it was Evan's turn after the duel Darth Vader said the force was strong with this one and his Storm Troopers came up and the Jedi Master told Evan to use his force on them. This didn't happen to any other kid so of course this confirms to Evan that he is for real a Jedi Knight. He loved the Indiana Jones show, Stunt Car Show and Toy Story ride here.

On Fri. we went back to Magic Kingdom to Tomorrowland to do Evan's favorites again. We went back to our room at lunch to pack and Evan got some more swim time. At dinner time it was off to Epcot again for Soarin and fireworks.

We got up early Sat. for our flight home. If you go do the Magical Express... they handle your luggage and your transportation makes it very very nice. The plane ride was fine both to and from Disney. Right before we landed in Orlando Evan said he had to pee and he usually can hold it forever so I told him we would go as soon as we got off the plane that the seatbelt lights were already on. Next thing I knew I look over and he is crying saying he really really had to go. I asked the flight attendent if there was any way we could get up and he said not really but that he would turn his head and if we got up he wouldn't stop us. Evan and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom - he was still peeing when the wheels came out for us to land!
When we got home on Sat. we all went our separate ways and enjoyed quiet time and fell asleep by 8 and slept for 12 hours and then all stayed pretty quiet and doing our own thing Sun. We were glad to be home. Evan just wanted to play with his toys and that was fine with me!

We loved Disney and I'm so glad we got to experience it. I can't say I would want to go again anytime soon or every year on vacation. I think once and then maybe another time on down the road. I am glad we went when we did… Evan still found magic in everything and that is exactly what I hoped for.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Disney Bound!!!

We are boarding Evan's 1st plane ride tomorrow morning and landing in Disney tomorrow afternoon!!! We are soooo excited! I won't be able to post pictures here until I get back but will be putting pictures on my FB account. If you want me to add you as a friend so you can see the pics email me with your account name and I will add you!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy 1 year Mendaversary Evan!!!


I smiled through tears this morning when Evan bounced out of the car and ran into school thinking of what he was enduring one year ago today. So thankful...