Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Break

I'm going ahead and posting this with pictures although its 2 weeks overdo... I'll post again in a few days with an update.
It's Spring Break here! I didn't get the whole week but we have some fun things planned for the next 2 days I did get off work. An update from last post - I did not make it through that big weekend! Later that night after I posted I started running a fever and thought I was dying the next morning. Was in bed all day with 103 temp and finally crawled to the car to the immediate care late Sat. with a dx of strep throat. I got meds and called my SIL who came over and covered the party pretty much for me. Thanks Melynda!!! Easter was fun and busy. I loved being with our families. We are so blessed. My Dad is doing well... stubborn but, well. This is quick because I'm trying to get my few days off started but wanted to update. Enjoy the pics of Evan and his friends coloring Easter eggs at our house. Also I'm going to try to download these messages Evan is always saving on my phone. Hope you can hear them.

OK... I tried several times to load the video with Evan talking but... I just can't get it to work and now it's 2 weeks later and I still haven't posted... It's not a video just voice recording from my phone - any ideas on how to download it to post here? It's too cute not to share.