Friday, April 20, 2007

Date for the cath

We just got the call from Evan's Dr. and the cath. will be on May 25th. That is the day Eric and I would have left on our cruise had I not cancelled it - weird huh - instead of the Bahamas we'll be in Kosair's ICU.

ARGH.... the Dr. just called and b/c of scheduling the cath. has been changed to Monday, April 30th.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rough Draft of AHA Poster

They sent us a copy of the rough draft of the poster they are going to use from the photo shoot last week. Evan is second from left and I couldn't help but laugh when I opened up the attachment - it's hard to take a good picture of one 3 yr. old, besides four. They did good.
We are getting ready for the 2nd Annual AHA Team Brave Hearts Golf Scramble and the planning is just beginning. The scramble will be on August 12th and the walk is on August 25th. The next few months will be very busy but, I find great fulfillment in being a part of this wonderful team and for the lifelong friendships we have made. More to come on that.
No word from Dr. McOmber as to when Dr. Recto's team will be available for the cath. - I'm sure we will hear soon. Sometimes the waiting is hard but sometimes getting a date is hard too - if that makes sense. The unknown is stressful but, when there is a date there is always worry to fill the spot. I've always been an extremely anxious person (probably an understatement) and for the 1st time in my life I'm seeking help to get ahold of that. I'm trying really hard.... I do NOT want to waste life away worrying. It's really hard for me. Maybe I'll go into more details at a later date but, just say a prayer for me.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Update from Dr. McOmber

We heard from Dr. McOmber on Monday and unfortunately he believes it is time to do another balloon angioplasty to expand the stent. He is contacting Dr. Recto, who did the stent implementation last April to see when he has an opening - this took over 2 months last time so, probably sometime this summer. Although this is not the news we were hoping for we are grateful that this can be done and Dr. McOmber said that he doesn't see any reason that they won't be able to fix this in the cath. lab the same as last time. I'll update when we have a date. I think most of you heart parents know that although I'm grateful and know that things could be worse, my heart is still breaking at what our Little Braveheart has to endure.

Also, American Heart Association called yesterday and they want our heartwalk "Team Brave Hearts" to be in a photo shoot next Thursday for their banners, posters and website! I'm so excited - I'll post the pic's when I get them!

Promised Pic's - Evan's 3rd B-Day

Some of my favorites

Evan's Beloved Juice Bottle

UofL Dancethon to Benefit Kosair Childrens Hospital