Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greatest Munc

We are still in the negotiating phase of the contract on our house and only have a week or so to get things done or the contract will be over. Thank you for your prayers - keep them coming.
I have learned a lot during this process, maybe that was the point. I worked myself up so much - to the point last week that everything crashed and I became very sick. I was in bed for 3 days - 2 of them with a fever of 103.8 - the absolute worse case of strep throat I've ever had. My anxiety always gets the best of me and I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned and am feeling at peace trusting that Jesus will makes things right and just what we need.

This Friday is my brother's birthday and we got to celebrate with him and his family this past Sunday. When I was feeling better late last week Evan and I went with my Mom shopping and Evan wanted to get Munc (his nickname for his Uncle Michael) a card just from him. He picked it out and was very excited. On Saturday we wrapped his gift and Evan got out his crayons and decorated the card and signed his name to it. He wanted me to find some stickers but, I couldn't find any other than the Hallmark sticker to close the envelope with - Evan wanted more so he asked for his crayons again and decorated the outside of the card. As he was coloring he said, "Mommy, this looks like scribbles, will Munc like it?" I answered of course that his coloring was beautiful. He continued to color and said, "For my Munc, the greatest Munc I've ever had!" With that he was done and handed the card over with a smile, knowing, especially after the story was shared that his card would be Munc's most beloved present.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Isn't he the cutest?

Continue to pray for us concerning the move... I'm hesitant to post more here because you just never know. Things are fine with the house we are looking at but the buyers on our house are the question. Just pray for God's will and peace for us.

Evan is continuing on this new sensitive phase of his. He has changed a lot the past few months. He seems shy - something that for any of you that really know him know that this is new. He also seems very very very sensitive. There have been lots of hurt feelings and tears lately. We were asked to attend a function at UofL's Dancethon to raise money for Kosair Childrens Hospital and we went with our heart group - Team Brave Hearts. 3 months ago Evan would have been up there dancing his boody off with all those sorority girls - this time he cried and clung to my leg and Eric or I held him the first 1/2 hr. we were there. He did loosen up a bit later and finally allowed the face paint lady to paint a batman on him. Any of you hear about the Singulair scare? His doctors called and asked if I had noticed a change in his behavior since he was put on it (back a few months ago when he was diagnosed w/ Asthma) and I said yes, but probably for other reasons (the move, the Easter Story) and he said to take him off of it anyway. SO..... now we are dealing with a very boggery nose too.

Check out this picture taken of Evan this evening... isn't he wonderful? He has some long lashes.

Please pray for our heart friend Elijah (see link to right) and drop a message and let his Mama and Daddy know your joining them in prayer for his surgery next week.