Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Thoughtful Moments

Twice this week in the car Evan has had some really thoughtful moments. I wanted to capture them here because I knew I would forget exactly what he said. Earlier this week we were headed home and Evan asked how many days it was to his birthday. I replied that it was 10 days away. He then said that we hadn't been to see Dr. M lately and that he missed him. I told him we would be going again just a few days after his birthday. He said that going there was not like going to the Dr. but like going to see friends. (Awwwhhh...) I told him that I was glad he felt that way. Then he said... "Mommy... Dr. McOmber is my hero." I told him that if he felt that way that the next time we were there he should tell him that. He went on to say "I don't want anyone else touching my heart other than Dr. McOmber - you know... him and Dr. Austin - they kinda saved my life." By now I'm glad he can't see my face as tears are welling up and I choke out... "your right buddy, they did." And he was done and started talking all about his day. Believe me... he talks your ear off. He tells me in detail everyday when I pick him up about everything. He is so funny. And sweet.
So... today, we are getting in the car to go to school and he is talking about one of his close friends Lucas because he is pretty sick the past day or so and knew that meant no weekend play time for them. Lucas' family adopted our Jameson a year and a half ago. Evan said that he doesn't really like babies but that Jameson has always been sweet and that he has always loved baby Jameson... just like a brother. He went on saying how some friends are family and some friends are friends and was naming the ones he calls family. By now we had gotten to school and he had climbed into the front seat so I could drop him off in the car rider line. He continues to talk about our friends and is just rubbing my arm. So sweet in thought about the people we call family. Again... I hugged him tight and gave him kisses (which he still loves and allows me to do even in the car rider line) and out the door he went. These thoughtful moments I'll cherish forever.

Pillow Fighting

Time for Rest!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yellow Belt

Evan tested and was awarded his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do this past weekend! He was so proud! He is really loving TKD. I had been taking him to lessons but I started a water aerobics class on TKD nights so Eric has been taking Evan. I have wanted to do something like that forever but I always feel so guilty going after work somewhere when I have already been gone all day. So, it's nice that Evan is busy with TKD while I'm doing that.
We had some snow. Enough to go sledding on! We went sledding everyday when we got home for 20 minutes or so. I should clarify that Eric and Evan went sledding and that Mommy stood from her bedroom window by the hent vent taking pictures! It pays off to have a big hill for a backyard on days like those.

My Dad turned 68 this past week. We are blessed to have him with us still. He was electrocuted 11 years ago with 15,000 volts at his job. I swear he has nine lives. He frustrates me to death but boy do I love him. Evan loves his Papaw!

My work moved locations after 11 years. I work at a big shipping company and we have several locations all over the city. I have been fortunate to work at one of the smaller more office like facilities for a long time. It was very convienant to run in and out. I'm at the airport now and there is lots of security getting in and tram rides to my office. The office itself isn't bad at all - just getting here that is a pain! I'm sure going to miss my old office...
I haven't started my Avonex (betaferon for MS) shots yet. I'm still working through insurance and pharmacy red tape. Once I do begin I will take the shot once a week on Friday evenings. Until my body adjust I'm warned that I could feel flu like symptoms for the first several months. I'm not looking forward to that. I keep telling everyone I'm going to be healthier than ever now that I know I have MS. I will start the shots, I've started water aerobics twice a week, I have lots of walking into my new office, I can't run out to lunch anymore, etc. etc. LOL.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

That is what my neurologist said late Thursday after one of our many phone calls. I just laughed and said, "Happy New Year to you too!" My spinal tap came back as another confirmation that I have MS. I have now had every test you can possibly have and they have all come back positive for MS. Thankfully most of the tests are back and they have tested negative for everything else, so it is just MS I'm dealing with. The neuro suggest immediate treatement with an interferon drug to slow the progress. I have a telephone conference with him today and I'm sure we will be setting up an appointment to get this started. My husband is not looking forward to giving me an intramuscular injection once a week but, I'm not looking forward to getting one either.
I have gone through all emotions hearing this news. I think I'm at - let's just deal with it - at this point. I was so angry last Wed. and just wanted to throw all the material in the garbage and not answer the neuro's phone calls. I wanted to stay home and in bed, leave me alone. A friend called and tried to get me up and going - thank God for good friends. I declined and stayed in bed all day. Eric and I have both been off for the holidays and I'm thankful. He has done all the running for me and that helped me be able to rest. I have been so physically tired of dealing with this. My mind goes and goes but my body feels tired. My friend called again New Years Eve and told me we were coming over and we were going to have fun! We had an awesome time and it was so good for me to draw me out of my funk. She had gotten a new game called Quelf and it was hilarious to see my friend running around the kitchen trying to get us to guess that she was a cowboy riding an ostrich on a beach and her husband was a beached whale. I have video of me having to spend the entire evening speaking like an evangelical preacher. We went outside with the kiddos and banged pots and pans and threw confetti to ring in the new year. My Mom and my brother took me to see the Broadway show this past Sun. of my favorite movie, White Christmas and that was so much fun! So bring on 2010!