Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cardio Update

I'm sick of snow. I don't remember a winter when we have had so much snow here. The kids are going to be going to school all summer. They are already reporting another good storm this weekend. Please hurry Spring...
Last Tue. night Evan woke up running a temperature and complaining of his ear. By complaining I mean screaming "my ear, my ear" over and over. Poor thing. He finally calmed down and sat up in bed and watched TV. I got an appointment for him the next morning and of course he fell back asleep just when it was time to get him up to get ready. This is his first ear infection since he was 3 months old. We missed 2 full nights of sleep. Thankfully the medicine kicked in and he is all better now, just 2 days of meds left. Funny story about the medicine... The Dr. came in and looked him over and said, "Evan, you have an ear infection... I wonder what kind of medicine I should prescribe you." Evan responded with, "well, I know what your not going to give me and that's liquids. I vomit liquids and I need a shot or a pill and I like the plastic pills best." When we got home and I opened his medicine bottle and pulled out this huge 500mg Augmentin pills I thought he would change his mind but nope... he was so happy it wasn't liquid. Crazy kid.
Last Thur. we had a cardio appointment. This was our first since November so I was anxious to get back and see what our cardio had to say. After his echo he told us that there is just no way to know what exactly is going on with that left pulmonary artery without doing a cath. They can tell that the artery is narrowed with the echo but not why. The valve is doing great, no leaks. He thinks they should do a cath. to find out why the artery is narrowed. He believes Evan's body has caused it. He does believe the surgery will need to be done again soon and probably this Summer. We are going back in Mar. and will probably schedule a cath. for Spring break. At this point his heart was not enlarged so it seems to be handling this well. Evan's lpa has always been small and been the main reason for cath's/surgery. If Evan's body *causes* it narrow I asked wouldn't it just continue on a new one. The response was if that was why then yes but if they were able to put a really big one in and it narrowed a little bit and he didn't grow a lot it would be good enough. Evan had a huge growth spurt after this last surgery. Like 10lbs. and 2 inches in 6 months. The hopes were and would be again if the surgery was redone, that the artery would last until adulthood where they could do it one last time. In the mean time Evan is doing just fine so, we'll see in March what they say.

This was after the first snow looking out off our deck.

Evan and his snowman.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Evan turns 6!

My baby turned 6 this past weekend! On Friday night we were watching movies and he crawled up in my lap and told me that he was going to miss being 5. I told him I was going to miss him being 5 but that I bet 6 was going to be awesome! We had some scare that the party would be snowed out and I threatened my closest friends that snow or no snow they better put in 4WD and be there! This party was paid for! We ended up lucking out of the big snow but several friends got stomach bugs and didn't make it : (
It was great fun for those that did though! Seriously, I think this was one of his funnest parties yet. I had it at the Tae Kwon Do place he goes to and MAN... they did everything. You know how those - we do all the work - parties usually are. The ones were you are running around ordering pizza and serving and getting more drinks. This was NOTHING like that. They asked Evan what he wanted his party and cake theme to be and of course he said Star Wars. We paid the party fee - which was less than his other parties - and that was it. We showed up and the cake was there - just like Evan had ordered. The instructors played over an hour of fun games with the kids. The adults had to learn some moves too! Kids broke boards and became Tae Kwon Do experts. They moved us into the other room and served us all pizza and drinks and then cake. When the party was over they came to me and asked which car was ours and loaded it with presents, cake and left over pizza. Wow... that was easy! Evan had a great day!
We have gotten quite a bit of snow the past few weeks. Enough of it if you ask me. GO AWAY! Spring come with all your pretty flower and sunshine. We are expected to be dumped on again tonight. Evan wants snow cream so bring it on but, after that please stop.
Enjoy snow and birthday pictures.

Evan's friends breaking boards!

Learning some moves

Evan being a black belt on his teacher

Jolly happy souls!