Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Great Report!

I posted in on FB from the parking lot of the cardio's office but just haven't had a chance to do so here yet BUT, we got another great report from the cardio! There hadn't been any changes since the last visit in June and we don't have to go back for 6 months again. I feel so incredibly blessed and was given the best Christmas present this Mom could hope for.
A little bit about this appointment...
I have always been honest and open about Evan's heart and all that involves it. I didn't want him to worry too much about the appointment but didnt' want to wait to tell him in the car pool line that morning that he had an appointment in fear of a meltdown. I told him the night before that he would be going to see his favorite Dr. the next afternoon. At first he was quite excited and then almost just as quick he started to cry. He said things like, I don't want to have another surgery, I can't have another surgery, please tell me I won't have to ever do that again, why do I have to go, do they think I'm going to have to have another surgery, I wish I could just get a break, I wonder why God made me this way, I wish God would take this away. All the things that just broke this Mommy's heart. I sat and listened and talked to him about how everyone has something and the good that has come from it. That our little local support group would have never been formed if it wasn't for him and the other Brave Hearts that started it. That he will help children in our community with special hearts for years to come. I also reminded him of heart friends that have it much worse off. He has a special place for one of them - Annie - and he said, your right Mom, Annie hasn't had as many breaks from this as I've had. He seemed to do okay and then broke down again at bedtime. When we got to the cardio the next day he told him that he was scared. Our cardio is awesome, have I said that before? He told Evan that he would always be honest and that let's do this echo and see. He told him all was well and Evan said, not even a cath?!? He was so happy. The cardio told him if he ever got scared and wanted reassurance to call him. How sweet! So how AWESOME is that? Another six months! I'm praying more good visits like this help Evan's fear and anxiety be less and mine as well. What an amazing present though.

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The Portas said...

Crying happy tears for you right now! I truly understand the emotion that comes with a good cardio report. YAYAYAYYYYY!!

Evan reminds me so much of Elijah in so many ways. Those two little boys are so tuned in, and always able to think ahead and think behind and think everywhere! Evan is so blessed to have such a supportive mama and such a great cardiologist!!

So happy for you guys. Breathe easy for another 6 months!