Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy 1 year mendaversary Evan!

One year ago today we struggled with not getting an IV for versed and Evan wanting to walk into the operating room which resulted in me suiting up and carrying him in the OR.

I remember telling him it was going to be okay and that I Loved him and sitting him down on the operating table and holding his hand. I remember the nurses putting the mask on and talking to him and then him falling asleep. Someone - I can't remember who now - said "alright, get Mom out, everything will be fine, let's go." I remember walking back down all the halls I had carried him through slowly coming out of the suit and mask I had to dress in and walking out into the private waiting room where everyone stood and looked at me and dissolving into tears. We spent the rest of the time looking at pictures (a friend had made an album for us), praying, talking, getting updates, blogging, FB'ing, etc. until we got the news that it was over. Our little guy amazed us the next few days with his determination to go home, which he did 3 days later.

Today I continue to be amazed and blessed to be this little guy's Mommy. This morning a year later... I woke him up and asked what today is... he said "it's early release day from school" and I said "yes, what else" he said, "I'm getting my hair cut" and I said, "yes, what else" and he said, "I start Awana's tonight" and I said, "yes, what else" and he was out of answers... I told him that it had been one year ago today since his last surgery and this huge smile came across his face. I told him how much we love him and how proud we are of him - I went on to say "Your our Brave boy Evan" and he said "yep, I am."

Monday, August 01, 2011

A Good Report - whoot whoot!!!

Last week as Evan's 6 month cardio visit approached us I became more and more anxious. It was NOT a good time for me to run out of anxiety meds. Also not a good time to run out of refills and have to wait even longer. They came in the evening after Evan's appointment, nice huh? I went between feeling like things were going to be just fine to remembering feeling that way before just to find out things were not just fine. I kept thinking that this would either hopefully really help Evan to feel relief that he wasn't going to need any work for a while or that this was going to push his fear over the edge. He struggles with fear and although he gets better I felt news of a cath or worse surgery would send his fear soaring. The night before the appointment he kept saying, "Mom - what's he going to say - you think I'm okay? I think I am... I feel good..." I kept reassuring him that they wouldn't have let him gone this long without an appointment unless they were very confident that he was doing well and that they have to see him every once and a while - mostly just because they missed him : ). The day of the appointment he spent the morning with my Mom and called me and said, "I'm not going to need surgery again, am I? I wish I could just go and visit my Dr. and not get checked." I told him that getting checked is what is going to ensure that he stays well. I also told him that I'm sure the nurses had been fighting all day over who would get to do his EKG and take him back. He laughed at that. When we arrived at the appointment his favorite nurses met us at the desk and said - "we have been fighting all morning over who gets to take you back and she won because she has senority!" That got Evan going and talking and flirting with his favorite group of nurses. They are awesome I tell you, just awesome. They spent the next few minutes just going sharing stories and catching up - Evan loves to talk to them. Our beloved cardio came in and we went off for the echo - Evan kept asking him "does it look good, how does it look?" When he told him "better than ever" Evan jumped down from the table and I asked him if he wanted to do a happy dance - he declined but let out a "YIPPEE!" Cardio said there were no changes since Christmas and that we could go another 6 months. This is a record for us - a whole year has almost passed with not even a cath. Just wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful. So... I spent the rest of the evening weeping... isn't that crazy - I would be talking - calling our friends and family as they were also holding their breath and praying and waiting and I would start crying again. This went on and I woke up the next morning and started again when I got to work sharing the good news. I kept saying - "I'm sorry... I'm just so relieved." So we have a week and a half left of summer to enjoy and we are planning to squeeze in a few more fun outings. Can't believe my "little" guy (now when I say this I can hear people at the ballfield saying GO BIG E!) will be starting 2nd Grade next Wednesday!!! Oh... and his 2 front teeth that have been holding on for dear life despite the adult teeth being fully in behind them finally fell out - WOOHOO!

We are gearing up for our 6th annual Golf Scramble to benefit Kosair Children's Hospital Foundation. So proud of these amazing kids and so blessed to have their families in our lives.

Evan and Olivia (his little girlfriend : )

Evan & My Mom on her 68th birthday - she is doing much better now.

Evan and his Daddy on a guy night golfing

At the pottery place making a plate to celebrate a good appointment and loosing his 2 front teeth

This smile... this kid... I LOVE HIM!