Monday, May 14, 2012

Brave Hearts night at the ballgame

I'm so incredibly proud of our local support group, Brave Hearts. We have gone from being a few families that happened upon each other and came up with a dream of helping other families, to doing exactly that. Signing on with the Kosair Children's Hospital Foundation was a big group decision but one we don't regret taking. What an amazing year! The families we have been able to reach out to, the donations that pour in, the camp that we get to be a part of... all of it just amazing. What a year... what a group. I'm so very thankful for the friends/family of this group. Evan has such amazing heart buddies. I'm always stunned at their bond. So WAY TO GO BRAVE HEARTS, what an amazing year, $50,000! We were invited to be guests at the Bat's game at Louisville Slugger Field where we got to thank our donor's, announce our fundraising totals for the year and throw out the first pitch. Can Brave Hearts get a Woot Woot!

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The Portas said...

What a great and honorable group to be a part of! Good for you guys! I'm always so proud of fellow heart parents who make a difference. The game looks like it was great fun!! Evan is so darn cute.