Saturday, September 30, 2006

AHA Kentuckiana Heartwalk 2006

All of you that keep up with Evan's blog have been touched by CHD's in some way, either by Evan or your own child so, I wanted to post a link to his donation page for the American Heart Association's Kentuckiana 2006 Heartwalk. This is our 2nd walk and we will be walking again this year with other CHD families under "Team Bravehearts". Our main goal in participating in this walk is to raise awareness of CHD's and funds for much needed research. If anyone would like to donate, his personal donation page link is: .

The deadline for donations is September 29th.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Swish and Spit

Man have things been crazy around here! For starters Evan has had the Ohio Valley allergy yuckies since the golf scramble. The doctor put him on liquid z-pack (sp?) and when we got home that night I started him on his first dose and I got the medicine dispenser in his mouth and squirted and he turned and ran into the living room and began puking up the pinkish/red med all over the carpets. I was also running a temp. and Eric was still at work so I ran him into the bathroom and washed him off and ran back into the living room scrubbing the carpets (3 or 4 times with resolve and the stain in still there). I called the emergency line at the ped. office and told them what happened and they said, try again. I got him out of the tub and tried to give him the med's again and he instantly began puking and gagging. The next morning I called the ped. office and the doctor called me back and said that he thinks from being on the vent. a few times that Evan possible has a texture adversion because he gets sick so often and so easily so they called him in 10 days worth of amoxicillan. Evan has told everyone of my franticness that night, he says "Mommy ran into the bathroom and put me in the tub and said, oh shit my carpets" nothing like a 2 year old telling everyone about your moment of insanity like I cared more about my carpets than him being sick, or so everyone he has talked to thinks. So, a week ago today we finished the last dose of that. Last Tue. morning Evan woke up saying his teeth hurt and when asking him why he said that, "a snake bit him in the mouth while working on the dryer like Handy Manny." I knew that wasn't case so I dismissed it. Tue. night while brushing his teeth he cried and said his teeth hurt and when pulling out the toothbrush there was blood everywhere. Wed. morning I called the ped. office and they said he probably had thrush/yeast infection from being on amoxicillian so long so they called in another med to swish and spit every 4 hours. Do you hear me, SWISH AND SPIT EVERY 4 Hours for a 2 year old?!?! We started this Thursday and it seems to be getting a little better although he still hasn't gotten the hang of swish and spit, I figured squirting the medicine with dispenser across the gums is kinda like swish, right? He instantly spits it out and cries and gags saying, "Yucky medicine mommy." I'm supposed to call again tomorrow if it is not better, we'll see. All the while my house and my parent's house is a complete wreck because we are both having new kitchen floors put in. I don't think I know the meaning of calm or rest, it's all rush and exhausted. The floors are being finished today so hopefully things will calm down a bit but wait, The heartwalk is this Sat.!!! I'll be busy but that will be fun stuff!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2006 Bravehearts Golf Scramble

The Golf Scramble was a complete success! We had a wonderful turnout of 14 teams and everything went smoothly. Everyone loved the video that played throughout the day and signs around with each child from our team's picture and story, made them feel more connected to our families and more aware at what we have gone through. The speech that was given by the AHA rep. and Benjamin's dad Andy got everyone ready for a great day of golfing for this wonderful cause that we feel so passionate about. Once everything got kicked off my brother and I ran the drink cart around and everyone kept telling us what a wonderful time they were having. It started raining just before everyone got to finish and the pro's said everyone had to come it so the winner's were based off of 12 holes. Everyone came in soaking wet but with huge smiles on their faces. After the ending ceremony we had with prizes and giveaways and people were leaving everyone stated they would be back next year with friends, so this will be an annual event. The pro's at the club said they could not believe this was our first scramble! Our total profit for AHA was about $3000.00. I'm so proud of our little team, our community and the friends we have made. The heartwalk is about 2 weeks away and we personally have about $200.00 left to meet our goal but I believe we can do it. Enjoy the pic's from the scramble. Go Team Braveheart

Friday, September 08, 2006

Ohio Valley

What a week this has been. Besides being stressed to the max that the Golf Scramble is THIS SUNDAY, we are sick. I should have known, it happens every year the week after Labor Day. We spent the whole weekend outside at family events and the weather was just beautiful but when the weather changes from burning hot to cool so quickly it causes a lot of allergy and sinus trouble here in the Ohio Valley. I woke up Tue. morning with a sinus headache and congestion and then Evan woke up Wed. with the same. I feel somewhat better after keeping a dose of Tylenol Allergy Sinus in me every 4 hours but last night Evan seemed to be worse. He woke up this morning at 5:00 and never went back to sleep because of the congestion. I have an appt. for him this afternoon so hopefully it is just allergies. Of course this has been on top of trying to get everything ready for Sunday's Golf Scramble, don't get me wrong it is not all my responsibility, there are 5 families participating but, it has still been a lot of work. Evan also has a "bruiserblister" (feverblister) that he hates and wants to remove, it looks much worse now that he has messed with it! I'll update Monday and let everyone know how the scramble went. Please pray for us!
See link to video that will be played at scramble event below:
View this video montage created at One True Media
Team Brave Hearts 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Toddler Sayings

Evan has been so cute and so much fun to listen to lately. The other day he told me, "Mommy, my headfore hurts." At first I was like, what?? Then, "OH, your headfore (forehead.)" He had a conversation with my mom yesterday, "Mamaw, I'll be Christopher Robin and you be Rabbit" Mamaw "Okay, where is Tigger?" Evan "He is hiding, he is a really good dancer." He loves to dance and sing, such the entertainer.
We are full of family reunions this weekend. They are all close and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. Evan is definately looking forward to Munc (Uncle Michael) spending the day with us and swinging at our family park on Saturday.
The Golf Scramble is only 10 days away!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. This has been a lot of work but, I believe it is going to be a huge success. We have 6 families participating in the heartwalk and scramble this year with "Team Bravehearts" and as of today, we are the #1 Friends and Family team in Kentuckiana. We are expecting about 17 golf teams at the scramble and have many company sponsors and prizes. We are blessed to live a community that supports us. If all goes well, we plan to make this an annual event. Go Team Bravehearts!!!
Hope this finds everyone well and enjoy your nice long weekend!