Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Story Mix-Up

Continue to pray for us.... why didn't anyone tell us the process of selling a home is so difficult! This is our first time selling a home and I just keep wondering if all is going okay. There is really no reason for me to think otherwise but.... I am famous for my worrying. I'm constantly reminded by friends and family to "Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you."

Also pray for Evan... he is having a hard time even thinking about moving. He doesn't understand that everything goes with us and he knows nothing different than this is home so, he is quite scared. We have tried very hard to involve him and make sure he understands that everything goes with us. He has been very emotional and we seem to find him in deep thought worrying about (he is my son!) all of this.
ALSO... he goes to a Christian preschool and they told a kid friendly version of the Easter story last Wed. at school. Eric & I are happy that he is learning about our faith and were okay with him hearing this story. However, apparantly another kid in class shared with Evan his own version of the story. On Thur. night I was getting ready to give him his breathing treatment and he turns with tears in his eyes - I immediately asked him what was wrong and he began to sob and said, "Mommy, I need to tell you and Daddy something." The next few moments I heard some very disturbing things come from my little 4 yr. old. Eric and I could barely keep it together and Evan was just a mess. My poor baby had been worrying for over 24 hrs. that he was going to die on Sunday - he put himself in the story, or the kid that told him his version of the story told him it was them and not Jesus. We spent over 30 minutes explaining things that I really thought I would have many years before I got questions like he had. He still has asked questions daily to reassure himself. I can't believe how much of a deep thinker I have - and also how innocent and precious and trusting these little ones are. Pray for us to protect his innocent little mind to not worry about things we cannot control and to convince him that the time we are given here is not meant to spend worrying but living!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

1st visit to the Dentist

Evan had his 1st Dentist appointment yesterday and I was so proud of him. He did so good and let the assistant do all she needed to do without a fuss. The office is also mine and I was very impressed with the way they made him feel comfortable and not scared. The Dentist did say that his top back tooth had a very small spot that he would like to see again in 3 months and they might have to fill it - ARGH! We brush his teeth every morning and every night - who knows! Check out his pics!

Also... keep us in your prayers - Bardstown is no longer going to be "My Old Kentucky Home"! As long as things go as planned we are moving in 4 weeks!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

The heading is for my brother, we LOVE the musical, White Christmas! Everytime there is even a forcast of snow we begin singing our song, LOL.

There has been lots of forecast of snow lately. Only to bring disappointment for the icy slush we end up with. BUT... we woke up today with about 9" of snow, snow, snow!

This is the first REAL snow since the year Evan was born. Within an hour after we woke up he had waited long enough and we were sledding down our *little* hill - it was big enough for him though, he would hit his brakes almost as soon as he got going. Fun times! Check out their fort and Frosty!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Evan's 1st Field Trip

I can't believe it.... Evan had his first field trip yesterday! I was so excited to have the day off so I could share this first with him. I think he was way more excited about riding on a REAL school bus than the actual field trip to the Fun Dome, which is also where we had his birthday party. All the 3 yr. old classes got to go so, in all there was about 27 kiddos. While at the Dome 2 of those kids started feeling bad and having flu symptoms so, we are crossing our fingers that Evan doesn't come down with it. Wouldn't you know that those 2 kids are in Evan's class! Funny things that happened - 1.) Evan crawled up the toddler steps to the tubes and got scared... he was up about 5 levels and was crying - refusing to come down the leveled steps or the slide, saying kids said the slide hurt their butts. I sent his BFF at school after him and he came back and said no, he is stuck. So.... me... this plus size Mama crawled up 4 levels and reached my arms up and he would NOT let go and come to me... I had 2 choices push him down the slide or pull him by his legs to me, I opted for the later which he screamed bloody murder until we got to the bottom. I forbid him to go near the toddler area again. 2.) Evan did NOT want me to help other kids, NO THAT'S MY MOMMY!!! We had talks about sharing but, he told me I was him Mommy and there for him and him alone, LOL. 3.) Apparently on the back side of a slide a little boy pulled Evan's ear (I could not see this) Evan came down the slide in tears with a very red ear. I told him it looked okay and to stay away from this certain little boy if he was not playing nicely. Evan's friend Blake came down next and Evan pointed to the little boy and said, "Blake, that is the one who pulled my ear." Blake reached his hand out and Evan took it and off they went to the next jumpy to get this little boy. The teacher saw this and said, "uhoh - they are going to get him, Evan and Blake stick up for each other." I got to the jumpy just in time, LOL.
When Evan tells stories or is upset and wants to use numbers the way I did above, he always skips 1st, and says 2nd of all this happened... and then 3rd of all... LOL.

This pic is of Evan on the bus.