Monday, June 30, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to the cath. lab

Dr. McOmber called and said that he met with the board on Mon. evening and that I'll be getting a call from Dr. Kim to schedule the cath. Dr. Kim is replacing Dr. Recto and has been training with him for a year or more... Dr. Recto is moving to New Orleans.
He said the same thing we talked about before... he doesn't want to miss out on time when they might regret it in the future... Dr. Kim thought that the decrease in %'s the scan showed (80-20) needs a cath. to check things out and either dialate the stent or insert another one, Dr. McOmber agrees. He said Dr. Kim is very busy, summer surgeries trying to get in before school starts and before cold/flu/RSV season for little ones.... But that, Dr. Kim's office will be calling me to schedule it. Dr. Kim wants to review Evan's file, past cath's and past scans before scheduling the cath, so he wasn't sure when I would hear from him but soon.

So... the waiting begins again. I was mostly expecting the cath. but was going to be super happy if they thought it could wait. As always I just want the best for Evan and have to trust God and our beloved Dr. that this is what is best.
In the meantime... we will continue to enjoy summer. Hope all of you are as well.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Baseball weekend

I still haven't heard from the board... Dr. McOmber called last week to let us know the board meeting had been cancelled for the week and they would meet today so, I should hear from him tonight or tomorrow concerning cath or no cath.

We have been busy... T-ball practice is on Thur. nights and then the game is Sat. mornings. We love the time we are spending with friends though.

My brother and his family were taking their other nephew, Nick, to the Louisville Sluggers Field to watch the Riverbats play Sat. night and invited us along. Evan loves Nick... bugs the heck out of him, LOL. It was sooo hot... but when the sun went down it was super nice and enjoyable.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We are busy, busy and having lots of fun! I'm loving the time we've been able to spend with friends and family this past week or so and the summer is going to be so much fun... Evan started T-Ball and we are spending Thur. evening with his best buds and then again Sat. mornings for games... Go Almond Joy's, LOL!!! It's HOT but... FUN!!! Remember the commercial for Almond Joy's - maybe I shouldn't have taught it to Evan... Eric said it is not appropriate that he is singing "Almond Joy's got nuts..." I hope they don't play the Mounds. So, T-Ball twice this week, swimming at Nana's (my BFF of 30 yrs. Mom's), ending with a night at the Drive-In's - we had a fun week! We saw Kung Fu Panda (really good) and Indiana Jones (can you believe it is Evan and Eric who stayed awake for BOTH movies?).

It has been sooo hot and Evan had been wanting to get his hair all cut off like his Daddy's so, what do you think? I was so scared but... I really like it! We got a pool for Mamaw's to beat the heat... don't you all remember the pools we had as kids? You blew them up yourself and filled them with water or even the hard plastic kind? We have nothing like that available here - it is all these huge pools that took even an electric air pump an hour to blow up and then another hour to fill half way with water.... by the time you get done you wish you could put it away but, with 2 hrs. of work... it is getting a plastic cover... we might as well gotten a real pool, LOL. Evan loves it.

One of our heart friend families here in Lou. has been trying to adopt from Korea for well over a year and I'm so excited to say that their baby will be home sometime this summer and am going to ask permission to post their new additions pic here. I can't wait!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! This blog I wrote back in 2006 about my guy's still rings true - I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Dr.'s thoughts on scan

Just talked to Dr. McOmber.... he said he wasn't really surprised that the LPA's % of pressure that it sends to the lungs had gone down again... Evan is growing - everything is growing except for that Left Pulmonary Artery - which is the same size since they stented it in Mar. 2006. He is not sure if it is time for another cath. so he is taking it to the board to get the other Dr.'s, especially Dr. Recto the angio specialist in our areas that did his stent, opinion. He said the reason for this would be to prevent Evan's health from ever being less than his 100%.... that we should not see Evan get worse b/c they are keeping on top of things with the tests/scans and caths. He also said this continious drop of 4-5% pressure a year is normal since his is growing and does not mean the conduit/valve replacement surgery is sooner than they originally hoped, that they still hope to hold off until his is larger and could possibly get an adult size with 1 final surgery - or who knows how technology could change before he needs that. That as long as they stay on top of it with scans and caths we can delay surgery and hope for a less invasive approach by the time it is required. He said he thinks Dr. Recto will want to do another cath. maybe not tomorrow but, maybe in 6 months or after next years scan and either dialate the stent or place a stent inside of the old stent expanding it... He said he would be talking to me later this week after he presents Evan's scan to the board at their weekly.

We spent a nice weekend together, playing T-Ball and going to the Circus. I had a not so nice ear infection and at my follow up for broncitis got more meds for that and also told broncitis had gone into pneumonia... Am I ever going to get over all of this??? Dr. said something about rest... drinking lots of fluids... staying out of the heat... I'm wondering if we live in the same town with how hot is has been and also if they have any children, LOL.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Vent. Scan 2008 Results

I just got the results last night, (was beginning to get worried that the hospital lost the test since they took so long to forward it to the cardio - oh how mad I was going to be, after what he went through if he had to do it again.) right before Evan's first T-Ball practice for the year, man it was so hot. I'm not sure what the results mean as another Dr. called and gave them to me b/c Dr. McOmber is on vaca. until Monday. The results were 80-20.... they were 85-15 before the stent and then the stent raised it to 71-29 and then last year is was 76-24. So... it has been worse - right before the stent in '06 but... they were concerned last year with the 76-24 and it is another 4%... seems to decrease on the left side 4-5% every year.... although they did a cath. last year and didn't do anything so maybe this will be okay... I really have no idea until I talk to Dr. McOmber.

This hasn't been the best of weeks for me.... I've been full of anxiety waiting on these results and now that I have them, I can't talk to Dr. M until Monday. We also got more upsetting news that the house we had held a contract open on since our house contract that fell through, in hopes that when our house eventually sold we could move in, asked us to release them from the on-going contract. I can't blame them as it has been since March but... disappointing for us. I know this means there is something better for us... that maybe this house wasn't meant for us, it is still hard once you set your heart on something.

This is also Eric's busy time of year and we practically haven't seen him since last Friday. We miss him and it is hard for Evan when he isn't home at night.

We have planned lots of family time this weekend! We are taking Evan to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tomorrow!!!