Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cath. Date

The Dr. called with a few options on cath. dates and we decided that although it sounds so soon having it done before school starts would be best. The pre-op will be on Friday, Aug. 1st and the cath. on the following Mon., Aug. 4th.
So... I guess on Monday evening we'll tell Evan and begin preparing him. He did so well with the scan but, we were able to promise him things with the scan. We were able to tell him if he was brave and got the IV he could go without the Versed up the nose (which he hates) and that we would be able to leave and do something fun. There is nothing to promise him with the cath. All I'll be able to tell him is what will happen not options that if you do this it will be better. He knows now what a cath. means and will immediately begin asking I'm sure about Versed. I believe Versed will be necessary as without it would be mean walking into the cath. lab with no meds if he didn't have it and although he is strong I'm sure that would be hard. He will ask if he has to be without us and yes he will when he wakes up in recovery. He'll ask if he has to stay the night and yes, he will have to stay 24 hrs. in ICU. He is 4 though and I have to prepare him, I can't walk into the hospital and him be blindsighted by what will happen. This is going to be tough.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mom's Brown Co. Birthday Trip

Mom's 65th B-day Getaway (C.D.)

My brother and I treated my Mom with a weekend getaway to Brown Co. IN - just the 3 of us, for her 65th Birthday. We had a blast and I think we laughed the whole time we were there. My Mom is my very best friend. I can not imagine what I would ever do without her. She is the person who knows me and my secrets and still loves me. Evan and his Mamaw share a connection and I'm so thankful for the memories they are making together everyday. It has been such a blessing that he is able to stay with her during the work week. I loved our weekend.

P.S. something funny we saw in a store that I can't quit laughing over (I said I wouldn't post this and here I am, posting it) - "Some people skinny dip, we chunky dunk" OMG... isn't that the funniest thing.... Michael, your laughing, aren't you??? Every laugh seemed to have to do with chunky dunk...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Advice Please...

I would like to request some advice on a situation I'm dealing with from all of you...

Evan is a rowdy, lively & crazy 4 year old who when it comes to feelings is ultra sensitive. I attribute this to his sheltered life - especially in the first few years before preschool. He is still mostly only around our immediate family and a few close friends other than during school that he started this year.

Evan is very sensitive of me, his Daddy and his Mamaw. We are his. He is known to get mad it me if I look at a picture of another kiddo and say, "awwhhh." He pouts and asks me if I like them more than him. We have had many long conversations about this and how it isn't nice and that I'm always his Mommy and he is always my boy and how much we Love him. It never seems to help.

If you are Evan's friend, you are his friend always. He doesn't understand why you would ever be his friend today and then not want to play with him tomorrow. We were in a situation recently (if you are reading this and you were there, kids are kids and no hurt feelings. Just trying to get advice for my own kid to handle these situations better) where we were at the park with a big group of friends and acquaintances. One few of Evan's closest friends was there but for whatever reason was not wanting to play with him. I'm thinking that since they see him more they wanted to play with new kids or just the classic version of 3 is a crowd. I don't know. Evan could not understand this and wasted his park time running around after this friend asking, "why are you not playing with me?", "can I play with you?", "what's wrong?" He went on to get this kid's dad and said please tell him to play with me. The kids would be told to include Evan and then according to Evan run off once the adult was gone without him. Evan cried. He sat on the bench and cried. (I was in a meeting just outside the playground and had friends inside the playground watching him. I could see this going on but couldn't leave the meeting.)

Last night I wanted to talk to him about it. I told him that when someone isn't being nice or doesn't want to play to walk away, find someone else to play with or play by yourself. I also said that I'm sure had he done that, that these friends probably would have joined him eventually. That because he cried it turned into a game for them. That kids will think he is a crybaby if he does this. Evan got so upset with me. Told me that I don't understand him. He said he is not a normal boy who can walk away (where did he get that?).

I'm so not this way and almost feel like maybe I'm being cruel trying to get him to be tough when it comes to feelings in public. But... I hate to see him being the kid running, begging for someone to play with him.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sneak Peak

We have had our first meeting and are starting our fundraising season for our local AHA Heart Walk, which will be on Sept. 27th. We were missing a handle of families last night but... isn't this wonderful - all these beautiful children together for a cause. We are excited!!!