Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting back to normal

Evan's cough ended up turning into pneumonia. His pedi, cardio and I agree it was just a combination of things. For one - he just had open heart surgery and there is always junk that needs coughing up after that. For two - it is allergy season and Evan always has a time with allergies and croup, it just usually isn't until Oct. For three - the combination of the two above - he just had open heart surgery and it hurts to cough so the junk stayed put and went into pneumonia. So... it's been lots of breathing treatments, steroids, inhalers and so on. Finally the coughing has ceased and he seems to be much better. We went to a follow-up appointment yesterday and they said he sounded much better and we could stop the breathing treatments - woohoo! His cardio checkup also went well and things look great so far, that was a relief. We have a followup with the surgeon on Oct. 1st. Evan is looking forward to this appointment in hopes that the surgeon says he can get back to the things he loves - riding his bike, Tae Kwon Do, recess and gym. Thankfully his school has been awesome and has let him go to art class during recess and do some fun stuff there so he doesn't feel punished that he isn't going outside. Evan also isn't able to carry his backpack so, either I have to walk him in school or someone else has to help him. Evan kind of feels a little like a kindergartner having his Mom walk him in when it is not the first day. One of his heart friends also goes to school with him and lives close so he offered to carry Evan's backpack into school. The first day I tried to snap a picture through my car window with tears in my eyes at what a cute sight that was. A heart friend helping out a heart friend. Too cute!!! His friends grandma said it looked like Caleb had lost a bet - loser has to carry my backpack into school for a month, lol. It is the cutest sight... Caleb is about 1/2 Evan's size. They are friends for life. Despite the pneumonia and thanks to a friend for free tickets, Evan got to enjoy his first UofL football game - he LOVED it! GO CARDS! He really loved that. Other than that Evan is loving school. I'm so thankful. His teacher said he jumped right back into things and didn't skip a beat! I can't believe boyfriends and girlfriends are already something 1st graders talk about! One day when my Mom was picking Evan up from school he told her he needed a wingman to talk to the girls for him and tell him what they said!!! He gives full reports everyday on what everyone did and who said what and who was on yellow and why. I love our talks - he talks my head off though! Oh something else he has always said that I haven't written down here is, "Mom... I need some water... ice cold." He always has to end that with ice cold. The last picture is of Evan's bestfriend and his little brother. They were pretending to be puppy dogs and little Jameson always has to do everything the big boys are doing. This past weekend marked 2 years that Jameson was with his forever family... we Love you Jameson!

Will you please say a prayer for our fellow Brave Heart member (see link to the right) Sarah. She has HLHS and had surgery this morning and is having some complications.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back to Work/School

After a couple visits to the pedi and every 4 hour breathing treatments, inhalers and a course of antibiotics, Evan is feeling better. He was so disappointed when he started running a fever this past weekend, knowing it would delay going back to school. Thankfully the medicine kicked in and he was only a day later than planned. It felt so weird to be dropping him off at school. Other than short grocery visits we have been together for 5 weeks now. I stayed home his first day, just in case. He loved being back and had a really good day. He was super tired though. So today I started back to work... again it just feels so weird. I miss my little guy. I'm sure we will get in our routine again but right now I feel like I should still have him with me. It's hard to hand them over after just 3 weeks post-op. Hard. Enjoy the picture of his first day. I have one of he and his teacher but I'll have to ask permission I guess before I post that. Hope everyone is well.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

School & Coughing

I don't think I would be cut out of home schooling. I'm ready to turn the teaching job back over to the teacher next week! I'm glad that Evan was able to keep caught up with his class though and won't be behind. Other than doing school work Evan has been playing away. He has loved that I let him turn my living room and kitchen into his Star War world. It helped letting him drag it all out and spread it around to play a little more calmly. We have also ventured out a little this week for lunch and hair cuts. He is looking handsome and ready for school. It's going to be hard to take him and drop him off this coming Tue. We have been together non stop for 4 weeks now and I think it will be harder on me than him! We had dinner with friends and he told them that he was ready for his first sleep over and a vacation from us, lol. The only concern with Evan has been coughing. Everything else seems to be healing and going well. He started coughing earlier this week and despite phone calls to the pedi and trying things it has gotten worse. We are headed in today for a check so hopefully it is just allergies. We appreciate the continued prayers. Thanks also to everyone who has sent cards, presents and goodies. It really makes his day.