Thursday, May 25, 2006

CHD Quilt

I've been trying to add pictures of our vacation to the previous posts and for some reason it is not working. I then remembered I had forgotten to tell everyone that we received an email saying Evan's quilt block has been made for the CHD quilt. For those that are not familiar with the CHD Awareness Quilt, here is the link: . They said they would send a picture of the quilt once it was placed on one.

Back to the Grind

Vacation is over : ( but, we had a wonderful time. The mountains were beautiful and we could not have asked for better weather. Our cabin was very nice and the boys just loved that they were able to go fishing in the creek with their daddies! I think my favorite was the Dixie Stampede, I highly recommend going especially if you have kids, Evan is still talking about the buffalo and the horses. The dvd in the car was a life saver and kept Evan content for the entire trip there and back, when he wasn't sleeping. The big announcement from this past week is that Evan is potty trained, YAHOO!!! We had been trying for a couple of weeks, putting big boy pants on and taking him about every hour or so but, he wasn't telling us when he needed to and had an accident or two everyday. I was just about to stop and say let's wait a while and try again and then Sat. morning he woke up and told me he needed to go potty and that was it, he has told us everytime since and has had no accidents. Still wearing diaper to bed but, I am so excited. My baby is growing up. The key to getting Evan to potty and drink from a cup is not to tell him his is a big boy b/c if you do he will cry and say, "no mommy, I'm just a baby". He really gets upset if we tell him he is a big boy, not sure why he is determined to stay a baby since there is no babies around for him to compete for attention with but, I don't mind him thinking he is still my little baby. On another note Nova's mom, see the blog to the right, is compiling a list of financial resources for families that need assistance while their child is in the hospital or with hospital bills, if you need help she has quite a list and also if you can add to the list of resources I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Need This Vacation

Okay, so things are going great health wise so why am I still so anxious? I'm not sure when this happened to me really, of course I've always been the type of person who likes control, things done right and a certain way. It has been explained to me that when a person who is controlling has something happen suddenly to them that is out of their control they go into overdrive on things they do have control over. I can't explain the inner force that seems to push me to do things just so so and honestly I wish I could go against it but, I can't. I really thought that once Evan had his surgery and things calmed down that so would I but, I'm still filling the demands of my silly quirks (lines in the carpet from the vaccuum, maintaining a certain speed while driving is a big one for me, checking email a certain number of times a day, hanging clothes a certain way, etc. the list goes on.) We leave Sat. (our 6th wedding anniversary) for Gatlinburg for 4 days with friends and I'm hoping I don't drive Eric crazy on the trip there. I'm really going to try to just be quiet like the passenger should be and let him drive without my input. Praying that this vacation brings a calmness to my spirit and refreshes my soul. I really need to get away and just have some fun. Watch out Gatlinburg here come the Karr/Vogelsberg families!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good News!

We got great news from Dr. McOmber yesterday! He said that the stent and the digoxin look like they are doing a great job at decreasing the size of the right ventricle and that Evan's heart is in great shape. He has requested that we have another Ventilation Perfusion Scan done in 3 months to give a more accurate account of the pressures to be sure they are more equal, they were 85-15 before the cath. He also said that if the VPS proves that the pressure are more equal he would not be surprised if we didn't have to have anything else done for 10 yrs., WOW!!! Of course that is not a for sure thing but, that Dr. McOmber feels that confident on how things are going is a huge relief to us! Couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day present! Hoping all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tomorrow's Checkup

Tomorrow is our first checkup with Evan's cardio since the cath. for balloon angio and stent implementation. Needless to say I'm a little anxious to hear how things are going since the cath. I make myself a little crazy with the "what if's". I really wish that I was a more calm/positive person and did not question things so much, I believe it would make things much easier for myself. I try really hard to hide these feelings but, am sure that those around me can tell that I'm tense. I'm not that good at hiding my emotions. I know that GOD is in control and no matter the outcome of tomorrow's checkup that is still true. I'm taking the day off work to spend with my doodle and then the appointment is tomorrow afternoon. Please pray with us that tomorrow's appointment shows that the left pulmonary artery is working well with the new stent and that his right ventricle has responded to the left PA by not having to overwork and that the digoxin is doing it's job to put off valve replacement for some time. Evan is doing really well and is really enjoying his Sunday school class, poor Ms. Bonnie and Ms. Missy - I think there were 6 boys last week. Evan is such the show off - sang "Jesus Loves Me" to the entire class! We are also planning a vacation with my best friend and her family to Gatlinburg. Can't wait to get away for a while. The pic's are from the Balloon Glow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Derby Festivities

This week is Derby week in Louisville. We started out with Thunder over Louisville, Hot Air Balloon glow and race, Steamboat race, Pegasus Parade and ending with the Oaks - Lilies for the Phillies and the Derby - Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. I'm sure I've missed some of the going ons but, most of us locals attend the smaller events and have parties at home for the Derby, too many crowds!! We did go to the Balloon glow and I will post some pics of Evan in awe of those huge hot air balloons, we had a great time. Next week is Evan's 1st checkup with his cardio since the stent. We are praying that we get good news there and that everything is functioning properly. Evan seems to be doing very well and is certainly enjoying getting to go out more, esp. getting go to church as we started back 2 weeks ago. He is so use to it just being him (only child/grandchild a little spoiled), he was a little out of his element the first week back to Sunday School and had a hard time interacting with the other kids but, quickly found his place and seems to do a little better each week.