Friday, August 28, 2009

Star of the Month

I wish I had a little more time to update lately. My work has been crazy and very stressful. I really pray that things calm down soon.
Since school has started I changed my hours to be able to take Evan to school. I'm getting home later in the evening, so no updating then either. I'm thankful for the morning time Evan and I get though so changing my hours was worth it. My parents pick him up and he loves that since he isn't getting as much Mamaw and Papaw time as he is use to now that school is in session.
Talking about school... Evan LOVES it! I can't be more proud of him for getting up day after day ready for school. We worked very hard to prepare him for this and I think it paid off. I have to say though I really think the fact that he has an AWESOME teacher is a big part of his school success. We got so lucky to have one of Evan's BFF from preschools Mom as his teacher. She is the best and Evan just loves her. There is also some amazing people on the staff at his school and I'm excited to be involved with such a great place. He has gotten green everyday although they said he does like to talk... A LOT! He was awarded Star of the Month at school. He came home yesterday with a pin that said Star of the Month and was so excited to tell us that his picture was on the wall. This morning he asked if I would walk him in and take his picture. I'm so proud of him! My little man who is scared to be in a room by himself is at school and loving it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney Approved!

Evan's cardio appointment once again showed no change! We are so thankful! The Dr. said he felt comfortable to approne our Disney trip scheduled for mid October. Evan and Dr. Mcomber did a high five to this news. Dr. said if he had to predict he would say they would do a cath around Christmas to attempt to stent the donor. I'm updating from my phone as my laptop is giving me a headache so... more details to come. Two months to Disney!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cardio Appt.

Say a prayer... Evan's monthly cardiologist appointment is today at 4:00.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Kissing Hand and School Days

Evan absolutely Loves Kindergarten! He is so excited when he wakes up and can't wait to get there. He has a crazy memory and tells us EVERYTHING that went on when we pick him up! It is so cute...
On morning #2 he asked if I wanted to take 2nd day pictures and I said sure. He was wearing his new tennis shoes and said they gave him magic powers. I told him to show them to me and I would take a picture of that. The pictures are of him doing cartwheels down our driveway!
Last night while in the bath he dumped all of his bath toys out. I reminded him that he would have to pick them all up when bathtime was over and he said okay. When it was time to get out he asked for help and I said no... he gave me this long speech about how I must not understand how hard school is and that his voice hurt from singing in Music, that his feet hurt from gym, his ears hurt from the teacher, his tummy hurt from his lunch, etc. I laughed and hugged his wet little self and helped him pick up - I'm a sucker. He was a sweetie after that - we read Will - God's Mighty Warrior and cuddled.
Around 5 this morning he woke me up and asked for my hand and I gave it to him and he kissed it. I closed it and told him I got his kiss and he said that I was supposed to put the kiss on my cheek. He climbed up into bed with us and went back to sleep. I asked his teacher if they had read a story or something about that and she said yes that it is called The Kissing Hand. What a cute story.
His teacher told me that today they are going to make gingerbread men and while they were gone to lunch the gingerbread men were going to run away, LOL.
He called as soon as my Mom picked him up and said school was "great"!
"Mommy... we made gingerbread men today and while we were gone washing our hands they ran off.... we searched all over the school for them. There were clues... one wall had some icing on it where they had ran past it. We searched everywhere and then we all cried because we couldn't find them. When we got back to our classroom they magically were back!!!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Evans 1st Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe it!!! I dropped my baby off at real school this morning! He did AWESOME! I think it really helped that one of his BFF's from preschool - Olivia - her Mom - is his teacher. Parents if they choose can walk their kid in this week. We walked in and he found his cubby and his seat. There was a picture they could color - I have to add that Evan was the only one at his table that colored in the lines and wrote his name on his paper. He did ask me to stay for a minute - seemed in his eyes that he could be emotional. I stayed for about 15 min. and asked if I could leave and he said yes and gave me a kiss and a hug. I walked down the hall past one of his heart friends room and was going to peek in. Little guy was facing the door and ran for me when he saw me - he was upset. He asked to leave with me - said he didn't want to stay there all day. I told him that his Mommy would be back to get him soon - he said - right after lunch - and I said soon. I asked him to show me his cubby and his seat and he did and calmed down a bit. I went back to Evan's room and peeked in and his was coloring and fine. I left but had tears in my eyes - what a bittersweet moment to leave my little braveheart and his heart buddy at Kindergarten. Can't wait to pick him up and see how his first day went.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

University of Louisville Collegiate Chorale & Cardinal Singers

A sense of pride washed over me when I saw this article in our paper.

This is about my college choral director and the choir I was a member of for my 5 years of college. I miss those days and the way he expected no less than the very best of us. I for one hated to let him down. Isn't that the definition of an awesome college professor? I no longer find the time to sing although I'm thinking it is something I should do for myself. I'm much happier when I have that outlet and it's been too long.
So... Congratulations Dr. Hatteberg and Cardinal Singers on your 2 first place awards at the World Choir Championship in South Korea!

Found a few You Tube clips of them from a few years ago singing pieces we had sang.