Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now we all know...

Evan did good at the consult yesterday. Our cardio told him that he had the results of his cath and that his "straw" was pinched and that they couldn't fix it in the cath lab. He told him that meant they would have to do another surgery but that since he is big they hoped to put an adult size in and hopefully it would be a really really long time or never that he has to do this again. Evan was very quiet and just said okay and that he would be glad if they didn't have to do it again. He also said he didn't want to take Versed before the surgery but that he would like to walk in like he did for his cath. The cardio told him if he was sure then he would let him and Evan said he was sure. Dr. later told us that when Evan had his cath it was the first time he had ever had a kid or let a kid walk into a cath with no loopy meds before hand and that if he did it with the surgery that would be a first for the hospital. He said when Evan walked into his cath there were no issues, no tears and that he thought Evan prefered it because he had some control. So… we will see about that. When we left I told him that he had been wanting to do some things and why didn't he pick one and we ended up going to eat lunch at Culvers and seeing Despicable Me. It was cute. He had been wanting to go fishing too - he was so excited his Daddy took him this past weekend. He seems to be doing okay… later in the day yesterday he told me he was scared and asked if I was sad and I told him yes that I was sad he had to have it again but glad they could fix it. He told me he was okay. He wanted to call people and let them know so he called his grandparents, uncle and his best friend. It was sad hearing him… I'm so proud of how strong he is but so sad at all he has gone through that has made him that way. He is my brave boy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday is consult day with the cardio

This coming Monday, the 19th is the day we are meeting with Evan's cardio to break the news of surgery to him. I cannot say how much I appreciate our cardio - he is just an amazing guy. He is so good with Evan and I know Monday will be hard but, our cardio has a way of talking to Evan and the trust he has in him is amazing. I'm ready for Evan to know. I hate knowing and not being able to tell him - when I know he is thinking and worrying if he is off the hook for surgery or not. I think although he isn't going to like the answer the anxiety of not knowing has been hard on him too. So... Monday we will all know.
We have been staying busy. So busy that this week we have gone home everyday (other than Mon.) and rested. Evan even took a 3 hr. nap on Tue. at Mamaw's. This is the first nap he has taken in I believe 2 years so, I knew we were maybe doing too much. We had some of my Mom's family in a week ago and Evan & I got to spend 2 days with them. He Loves his cousin Malia - she is grown up and so cool he says. We spent one day at the movies and another at the zoo. Isn't the zoo picture of them with the gorilla awesome? He sat there like that with them for 5 minutes when I finally told them lets move on. He kept putting his feet and hands up to the glass to where they had their hands. He picked his nose too... yucko. They got to celebrate my Mom's birthday with us and we really enjoyed having them.
We also got to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio with some friends that had an opportunity to get a great discount and invited us along. We always have a great time with this family - us wives are great friends - our husbands are great friends - our kids are best friends, just fun for everyone. We were so excited for the boys to get to have a sleep over and got the biggest room with a cabin inside that had bunk beds and another twin bed in it. We knew that our boys would never stay the night at each others house but this would be a safe way to have a sleep over. We should have saved the money and got the room with 2 King beds. They played in there and thought that was cool. But, come bedtime - the only person in there was the 2 year old and our big boys were in bed with us. Silly boys. I didn't take any pictures of their waterpark - and that is too bad because it is AWESOME! We stayed in there for 8 hours I believe swimming, doing obstacle courses, relaxing in the lazy river and sliding down slides. We went back the next morning again. The kids also got to do this wizard magic quest throughout the lodge that night and that was right up Evan's alley. We visted the Creation Museum on the way home and Evan was amazed at how the Ark was built and the petting zoo was fun and the gardens were beautiful. Again... no pictures. This weekend I get to do some school shopping for Evan with my Mom and Evan is going fishing with his Daddy and to see his dog Babe at Granny's. We also are getting some Munc time Sat. - we love when he visits. There is a birthday party thrown in too - I can't believe this little friend is 7. I was prego with Evan when I was in the waiting room to hear the good news of his arrival.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

We have a date....

We got a call late yesterday from surgery scheduling with a date for Evan's surgery. When the nice lady said, "I have the date for Evan's surgery" and I said "okay" and she responded with "It's August 12th with preop on the 11th." I could only think she was kidding. But, she wasn't. SCHOOL STARTS AUG. 11TH!!! Evan's cardio called me today and I said, "say it ain't so". He didn't know about the date and was sorry when I told him.... he said he thought with a month we had more than enough time to get him in before school. He said that with "his" kids, scheduling does take a little longer because he wants in on the surgery. He wants to be in on Evan's surgery and I told him we did too... that I wouldn't want it switched if he couldn't be there. He said he would have his schedule person call the other peds cardio office in town's schedule person and let them know that if they have a surgery come open that he would like it for Evan - of course it has to be a day he is available too. He also has us on backup for another surgery he has already scheduled for July but, more than likely it will be Aug. 12th. He wants to talk to Evan and wants it to be before the end of July... just in case Evan's gets bumped up. So, we have a meeting on July 19th at noon so he can talk to Evan. Evan is still asking questions here and there - some of them just breaks my heart. He has a little dog at his Granny's house and he told me the other night, "Mommy... if I die before you do will you take care of Babe?" I sat up thinking, why oh why Evan do you say these things!!! I told him that God has amazing things planned for him and that he is going to grow up and be something awesome, like a heart surgeon helping other kids and he is going to be married to a beautiful girl and have kids and that he would drop them off at my house like I do him and I'll be the Mamaw!" He liked this and went on saying happy things. He ask here and there is I know yet and so far I haven't lied because I haven't known a date and now I do... I'm trying my best to keep him busy. We have a long fun weekend planned so just another month to go (rolling eyes.) I'm so sad and frustrated and thankful Evan's case isn't urgent, all rolled up into one. I think this will be really hard on Evan at school. On the first day... it is everyones first day - you meet your teacher - meet your classmates - get assigned seats, etc. Evan will be going in 3-4 weeks later when a routine is already established. I think he will struggle socially with this - feeling different and left out. Ugh... tears rolling just thinking about it. Say a prayer... if this is Evan's date then it is for a reason.

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Enjoy the pictures of Evan having some summer fun in his little pool. Look at his hair!!! He wanted it just like his Dad's - short!